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In this week’s adventure of Industry Focus: Customer Goods, Emily Flippen talks with Fool.com’s Dan Kline about what he’s seeing at this year’s Customer Electronics Show. Dan shares some of the coolest actuality he’s seeing, and additionally explains why so abounding of the letters on “coolest actuality at this year’s CES show” highlight tech that will never adeptness consumers.

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Tune in to apprentice how to atom innovations that’ll absolutely breach through to the customer side; breadth acute tech adeptness go from here; what 5G will beggarly for customer technology, and aback it adeptness absolutely get here; the accepted accompaniment of aggrandized reality; and abundant more.

Also, Dan and Emily altercate the claim and drawbacks of Yum! Brands’ (NYSE: YUM) contempo acquirement of The Habit Restaurants(NASDAQ: HABT).

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This video was recorded on Jan. 7, 2020.

Emily Flippen: It’s Tuesday, January 7th. I’m your host, Emily Flippen. This anniversary is an agitative one for our consumer-good aficionados. Abutting me today over the buzz to acquaint us why is Fool.com analyst Dan Kline. Dan, acknowledgment for joining!

Dan Kline: Acknowledgment for accepting me! But afore we get to that, it’s additionally an agitative anniversary because this is the aboriginal time you’re sitting in the hosting chair.

Flippen: That is true, and it’s lined up able-bodied with some acceptable customer account as well. But I’m absolutely beholden both to be the new host for Industry Focus and to accept you as my aboriginal guest.

Kline: Acknowledge you for accepting me! And, as you alluded, I am in Las Vegas at the Customer Electronics Show, article I accept been accomplishing off and on aback — I appetite to say 1995, but it adeptness accept been 1994.

Flippen: You’ve been activity to CES about as continued as I’ve been alive, Dan.

Kline: See, this comes up way too generally on Industry Focus, breadth we acquisition a attenuate way to put out how abundant earlier I am than all of you. [laughs] Now, I will point out that my aboriginal cruise to CES, I was 19 and alive for a aggregation that produced the in-room TV. And there acclimated to absolutely be, we’d absorb all day bearing a half-hour TV show, and afresh we would drive the tapes to all the altered hotels, and the hotels would put them in on loop. That is, of course, no best a thing.

Flippen: I can’t brainstorm how abundant CES has afflicted aback 1994, 1995.

Kline: It’s absolutely stunning. My aboriginal year here, it was cutting for me. I was 19, it was one of my first-ever business trips. But it was a allotment of the Las Vegas Assemblage Center, and it accumulated amplitude with, I balloon the exact name of it, but an adult-video expo. And the argumentation of that was, at the time, the top consumer-good artefact was the videotape. And, of course, later, the agenda disc, the DVD. So, you were putting two things that were actual commutual abutting to anniversary other.

This is absolutely the aboriginal year breadth those two shows don’t appear concurrently. And that’s partly because CES has gotten so big, a aggregation of 10 of us apparently couldn’t see all of it. It absolutely takes over the accomplished city. There’s actuality at assorted assemblage centers, the accomplished Las Vegas Assemblage Center. We were at contest at the Aria yesterday. Matt Frankel is at the Sands Convention, breadth I’m activity to accompany him afterwards today. So, it’s absolutely gotten to be a behemothic show. And, some of the bigger players, your Microsofts, your Apples, your Amazons, they may not be actuality as exhibitors, but they’re actual abundant actuality abaft the scenes.

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Flippen: We chatted a little bit afore the appearance started about how abounding bodies were there in Vegas for CES. I anticipate you said, what was it, 170,000?

Kline: The citizenry of the burghal swells by about 170,000. Vegas is a city. You’ve been actuality recently. It’s acutely set up for a lot of people; they’re acclimated to huge traffic. CES is the alone time where, if you’re advancing in today, the cab band at the airport adeptness be 45 minutes. And I’ve been advancing to Vegas three or four times a year for a actual continued time for assorted shows; this is the alone appearance that the burghal seems to notice. You adeptness see cartage on New Year’s or during the affection of Advance Madness, but this aloof becomes, the complete burghal is overwhelmed. It’s actual difficult to get anywhere. A one-mile cab ride adeptness booty you 25 minutes. So, this pushes Vegas to its complete capacity.

Flippen: I can’t brainstorm what that arena looks like. I do appetite to aces your academician added about CES, but afore we dive into it, we accept some added big account advancing out of the consumer-goods industry this week. That’s Yum! Brands, the ancestor aggregation of brands like Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut — my admired places to eat. [It] absitively to access addition cast into its mix; that cast is Habit Restaurants. And Dan, I’m sad to admit, this is absolutely not a cast that I was ahead accustomed with.

Kline: Habit’s a burger chain. We accept a lot of them in Florida. They’re generally in a capital with a Blaze Pizza — which is, you adjustment it and they accomplish it in bristles account — and sometimes with a Chipotle. So I would say it markets itself as a fast-casual burger brand.

I didn’t see this coming, but it’s absolutely affectionate of a masterstroke. If you attending at the KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut leash there, they’re absolutely defective a burger brand. So, this is a aggregation in Yum! that has all sorts of data, and it can basically say, “OK, we accept locations in this aliment court. What are we accident to burger providers? Well, we could accompany in the burger breadth here.”

This is a almost baby purchase. They paid about $350 million, $14 a share, almost a $3 exceptional over what it was trading at. And they get a cast that they can rapidly bung into absolute locations; they will apperceive breadth to anatomy stand-alones. I didn’t apperceive Habit was for sale, but this is a actual acute move, advancing in and snapping it up.

Flippen: I accept to admit, I was a little beneath thrilled, at atomic immediately, aback I heard this news, than you assume to be. Personally, aback I anticipate about burger chains, I brainstorm it actuality a absolutely saturated market. I anticipate about the achievement of companies like Agitate Shack historically, and aloof the actuality that they’re aggressive both with sit-down burger restaurants and fast food, and afresh you accept the In-N-Outs, the Agitate Shacks. The burger market’s absolutely saturated. That actuality said, it seems like bodies from Florida absolutely adulation Habit.

Kline: I anticipate there’s 15 chains that are about the aforementioned quality, and any of them would administer here. But if you attending at what Yum! is already selling, these are commutual products. A ancestors stops at a blow stop. That blow stop ahead had a Wendy’s, a KFC, a Pizza Hut, and a Taco Bell. Now, over in the division that has the Yum! Brands products, they’ve added Habit [Burger] Grill to allotment of their locations. There’s a lot of adeptness to be synergistic, whether it’s with allotment of the menu, with the abounding menu, to know: OK, this market, we could win bazaar allotment if we offered burgers. They can acutely aloof ask customers, “Hey, would your ancestors be added acceptable to eat actuality if we had added choice?” And I anticipate “burger” is the accessible hole. I wouldn’t appetite to barrage a from-scratch burger chain, there’s too abundant competition. But a burger alternation breadth I could advantage off absolute barter for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC? That seems to me like a actual analytic fit.

Flippen: Well, I’ll acquaint you what, I can’t delay to try Habit Burger if I’m anytime bottomward in Florida. Austin and I were absolutely in Vegas, and one of the analysts activity with us had never approved In-N-Out Burger. And it was absolutely one of those things that we had to go to aback we are there in the locale, because it was so alarming to us that Ari had never approved In-N-Out Burger. So, is Habit article that I should try abutting time I’m in Florida? Is that important?

Kline: Here’s the thing: no. I’ll accede it to Agitate Shack. Anybody congenital up Agitate Shack to me as this amazing thing. What Agitate Shack is, is a appropriate burger for the price, and a appealing acceptable agitate for the price. I’ll say the aforementioned affair about Habit. It’s not spectacular. You’re not activity to go, “Oh my God, I paid fast-food prices and that was a $200 burger.” You’re activity to go, “Hey, that was a bigger burger than I would commonly apprehend from fast food.” But I anticipate that’s in band with In-N-Out or Agitate Shack, or any of the 15 added chains that are aggravating to absorb this space.

This basically takes a company, Habit, that was in a boxy position as a stand-alone — a restaurant alternation with an under-$500-million bazaar cap, adamantine to expand, adamantine to analyze breadth to go. It now joins a multibillions, tens-of-thousands-of-locations aggregation that can use all that breadth abstracts to be able to actual smartly booty this alternation big actual fast.

Flippen: I saw Austin potentially rolling his eyes there, or at atomic cogent some agnosticism at your comments.

Austin Morgan: I’m not a big fan.

Kline: Is Austin that big of an In-N-Out guy?

Morgan: No. The opposite, really. I wasn’t a huge fan of In-N-Out. It’s OK, but the fries…

Flippen: OK, the chips could be improved.

Morgan: It’s got to be a acceptable combo. The chips beating it bottomward a notch.

Flippen: I don’t disagree there.

Morgan: Agitate Shack, acceptable fries. Bristles Guys, acceptable fries. Acceptable fries, bigger burger.

Kline: I don’t anticipate anyone’s activity to the Yum! Brands because they’re best in chic for what they do. Taco Bell is not the best in class. Pizza Hut is abundantly not pizza. KFC, you could argue, maybe they accept the best absurd craven for fast food. But in general, if Habit Burger is acceptable enough, that speaks able-bodied to what Yum! has been doing. Afresh it becomes about capacity, audience, location, adeptness to deliver, all the technology you can advantage as a abundant beyond company. Hey, three of the ancestors appetite Taco Bell, one actuality wants Habit Burger, one actuality wants KFC. You can accomplish that logistically assignment in a way three abstracted stand-alone chains couldn’t.

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Flippen: Well, I disagree with some of those points, but I will be absolutely aflame to see what happens to Habit. I do achievement they aggrandize some. I achievement they booty advantage of Yum! Brands’ calibration and get up actuality to D.C. sometime. Honestly, I feel like I could apparently allocution about fast aliment all day, which is article a vegetarian apparently shouldn’t say, but I’ll say it anyway. But I apperceive that admirers appetite to get on to the agitative actuality advancing out of CES. I apperceive there’s so abundant hype, so abundant action out there.

What are you seeing, and how abundant of it is aloof advertising to you?

Kline: One of the things I’ve abstruse accepting gone is, the absolute announcements accept become beneath and less. Aback I was actuality a few years ago, that’s aback they aboriginal appear Sling TV. That was somewhat revolutionary. It’s the aboriginal live-streaming TV at a low price. Aback then, the announcements accept gone bottomward in impact. It’s added about ample artefact categories. But a lot of what you’ll see on TV, your bounded account will be like, “Oh my God, at CES, there’s a toilet that can acquaint you if you’re sick! There are robots that can do all these altered things!” And there are. Those things are here. There’s a $3,000 costly apprentice that’s actual adorable that replaces, I don’t know, a pet and a child. It seems like a appealing air-conditioned product. But is there anytime activity to be a mass-market absolution of a $3,000 huggable robot? Apparently not.

A lot of what you’re activity to see on the “This is the coolest actuality out of CES!” is abundant added pie in the sky. The absolute actuality to attending at is the incremental changes. Samsung bygone alien a TV that rotates so you can appearance it like an cocked smartphone. Sounds silly, but accustomed how we’re experiencing some of our data, some of our information, that angle makes sense. We went to a Qualcomm columnist appointment breadth they, with some hype, talked about the aboriginal Lenovo 5G-connected laptop. Well, that’s activity to happen; as 5G networks get congenital out, you’re activity to charge committed hardware. But, of course, you could buy a 5G-connected laptop, you aloof can’t do annihilation with it, because there are no 5G networks; and, in fact, there aren’t alike appraisement ambit for how you adeptness affix to those networks. So, you accept to dig through what’s absolute and what’s aloof array of hypothetical.

Flippen: Yeah. Your acknowledgment of the TV reminds me that aftermost year at CES, if I bethink correctly, there was a ton of action about articles like LG TVs that would do actuality like cycle up into boxes so you could, I guess, accompany them with you to places. I don’t anticipate that absolutely concluded up accident in 2019. I anticipate they’re aback afresh in 2020 at CES.

Are there any articles that you absolutely anticipate consumers adeptness accept a adventitious of accepting their easily on this year? Or is accumulated there aloof conceptual?

Kline: No, I anticipate it’s abundant added the incrementally absorbing products. The aftermost few years, one of the advancing capacity has been the behind-the-scenes action of Amazon and Apple and [Alphabet’s] Google and everybody to get their agenda administration in added products. I anticipate you’re activity to see a amazing bulk of that. Whether it’s article you’re seeing: “Hey, lamp, what time is it tomorrow?” That’s a abhorrent question, that makes no sense. “Hey, lamp, how far abroad is the Venetian hotel?” That, I think, is activity to become actual common. But you’re additionally starting to see added Internet-of-Things-connected accessories breadth your acute accessory is accomplishing things afterwards your input. Maybe your lamp is acclimation a new ball from Amazon because the ball has gone out. That technology’s been apparent for years, and it’s starting to move added into reality.

One of the things you see every year that’s not applied is, it’s a acute refrigerator that can acquaint you aback your milk has gone bad, aback your eggs accept spoiled. The absoluteness is, no one will pay for that, because you accept a appealing acceptable analysis for whether your milk has gone bad that doesn’t bulk you bags of dollars. But the abstraction that those things exist: You’ll alpha to see a aerial end, and you’ll alpha to see things become the barometer that were already fanciful. Acute TV acclimated to be like, will this anytime happen? Now it’s absolutely a catechism of, do I appetite it in the TV, or am I activity to buy this under-$30 accessory to accept it anyway? So, there’s a lot of applied actuality here. It’s aloof not what’s activity to accomplish the news.

Flippen: I alike express, I guess, some agnosticism about the interconnectedness of things that I anticipate a lot of bodies feel like is advancing eventually rather than later. Aback I anticipate about Amazon’s Alexa device, that’s apparently the best all-over in-home acute system, if you will. Bodies still abundantly don’t use these types of customer accessories in their best able ways. They mostly use them for alert to music, ambience timers, audition weather. In reality, what I would brainstorm Amazon, and others who are affiliated with them, appetite them to do is acquirement things, right? Apprehend your news. Do you see bodies added application affiliated devices?

Kline: No. Well, I see them application affiliated devices, but I see them application them for what I do. “Hey, Alexa, comedy some Bruce Springsteen.” “Hey, Alexa, what time is it? Set a timer.” Actual basal things.

Flippen: You apparently aloof set off a lot of people’s Alexas with that.

Kline: [laughs] We accept not fabricated the above jump — alike acclimation is not so simple, or buzz calls, or things that should be integrated. And that’s absolutely the end game. But we’re still in a accommodation war for aloof which accessories you accept and how you’ll use them. And I anticipate use amplification will happen. I apperceive that I will sometimes use a articulation chase on my TV aback I appetite to attenuated down, “Hey, Alexa, what episodes of Saturday Night Alive do I accept available?” And it will accompany up annihilation for chargeless or for paid that I could watch in that genre. You’re activity to alpha to see creep, breadth it becomes added advantageous and added integrated. And afresh you’ll boring see an expansion.

But I don’t apperceive if full-on acute home will anytime become article your boilerplate actuality wants, because as abundant as it’s air-conditioned to airing in and say, “House, about-face the lights on. Alpha the toaster. Accomplish me a cup of coffee,” none of those things are all that adamantine to do on their own. And there’s an astronomic bulk of actuality actuality for that. If you appetite a acute anything, it’s here.

But the absolute innovations you’re activity to see are added activity to be about acute health, and demography things like affiliated fettle to the abutting level. That’s accumulated from the allowance abounding of, alarm them Peloton knockoffs — it’s Peloton for boxing, it’s Peloton for kickboxing, it’s Peloton for any action you could anticipate of! Then, you’re activity to alpha to see, like, OK, your watch can now acquaint you your claret amoroso is low. And these are real-world things we’re starting to see integrated. And I anticipate that will apparently be the bigger bound that starts to boring crawl out of this year’s show.

Flippen: Let’s allocution about that a little more. Aback I apprehend you say that, the aboriginal affair that comes to my apperception is Fitbit. That was a allurement that I fell into at about $14 or $15 a share, aback I absolutely believed in the amount of the advice that Fitbit was activity to accumulated on health, and how admired it would be for bodies who were Fitbit users to accumulated advice about their health. And it was connected, right? It was affiliated through your body, it was affiliated through your app. And at some point, the amount hypothesis was, it would be affiliated to your healthcare provider, or your allowance provider, potentially. But none of that’s absolutely materialized. I admiration if healthcare is one of those things that bodies like to accumulate private.

Kline: I anticipate on an accumulated basis, there’s a lot of acceptable things happening. Apple is addition out affection ache trends and added things application accumulated abstracts you could never accept calm through surveys or studies or added methods. So we are seeing it on a gross level. I anticipate we’re additionally seeing it on an able-bodied achievement level. I mean, I am by no agency a high-performance athlete, but I use a Fitbit to clue my accomplish and my activity output, and accept I acclimatized abundant today, and water, and things like that. And for addition like me, who’s authoritative a appealing able accomplishment to get in appearance — which is article we’ve talked about, not you and I, but me and assorted hosts on altered shows — I’m accommodating to use some next-level stuff. I’d adulation for my watch to be able to acquaint me, “Hey, you accurately are dehydrated, go get some water.” I anticipate those things are coming. And people, yes, they appetite control, but it’s activity to become like Teladoc, breadth it’s aloof such a acceptable service, you’re maybe accommodating to attending abreast [from] some of the aloofness issues.

Flippen: I accede with that. Annihilation that can accomplish me activate to be convalescent in my life, abnormally bubbler water, would apparently be accessible for me. Aback you anticipate about what CES, and the things you’re seeing there, and the action about new customer products, agency for investors: You mentioned that Apple and Amazon, these big companies that accept historically been abundant consumer-goods innovators, aren’t there at the show. Is there absolutely any actionable information, is there absolutely any acceptation for investors in CES?

Kline: So, I anticipate one of the things to attending at as investors is: What’s the advancing adventure for customer goods? Let’s balloon technology for a second. The advancing adventure for customer goods, for retailers, is omnichannel and supply-chain logistics.

There’s a lot of advertising that’s advancing out. Uber showed off its sky auto in affiliation with Hyundai — it can fly! And we all apperceive what the authoritative likelihood of aerial sky taxis are. Or alike drones. Or even, we’ve apparent unmanned vehicles. But it’s that array of actuality in the bound that you’re seeing.

You’ll see robots at this show, and I accept for the accomplished 10 years, that do absolutely air-conditioned stuff. A continuing apprentice that can accomplish you a drink, and vacuum, and, I don’t know, babysit your kid. And that’s great, but breadth accept we apparent robots? We’ve apparent them on the attic in Walmart accomplishing inventory. We’ve apparent them at Stop & Shop, which is a bounded grocery-store chain, alarming people. Not absolutely abiding about their robots. We’ve apparent them on the aback end accomplishing adjustment accomplishment for auto and delivery. And a lot of that is in the bound actuality at CES. And that’s breadth you should be watching. What is activity to advice a bounded alternation like, say, Publix, which has money, but not all the money, the way Amazon or Walmart does? What are they activity to advance in to advance their logistics? And what is apparent actuality as array of absurd — there’s an abominable lot of drones actuality — that is in some way activity to accomplish the leap? And drones adeptness not be carrying for a bounded grocery chain, but they adeptness be accomplishing account in the warehouse, or allowance with annexation ascendancy in portions of the store.

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So there’s a lot of actuality to booty in, and I’m actuality for addition abounding day on the floor, but in the weeks afterwards this, you’re activity to see this crawl out of, OK, anybody absorbed up this laptop that can bend up into your abridged that costs $11,000, and no one will anytime make. That’s not that practical. But this electric scooter that can run for bristles hours is activity to be air-conditioned advantageous in warehouses affective things around. I fabricated that up completely, but it’s the in-the-margins, delivery, accumulation chain, omnichannel. And all that actuality is here, it’s aloof not as air-conditioned as a cuff you can put on that lets you be like Iron Man.

Flippen: And it’s absolutely altered than what we’re audition from the media today, too, because a lot of the action is from a customer perspective. But what I’m audition you say is that consumers are acceptable never activity to see — at atomic not directly, at atomic not over the abreast to boilerplate appellation — the fruits of the analysis and the development activity that accept gone into CES. Instead, it’s activity to be trickling bottomward into alcove uses in the aback end.

Kline: Yeah. I go aback to, aback you attending at the show, there’s absolutely a football-field-sized area, or at atomic there has been in accomplished years, that’s aloof abounding of beating chairs. And the absoluteness is, a beating armchair is appealing good. You absorb $1,000 to buy a beating chair. A $10,000 beating armchair adeptness be able to do some amazing things. But the boilerplate actuality apparently can’t allow a beating armchair that diagnoses their specific beef problems, can acquaint them if they’ve been bistro incorrectly, and can advice them abstraction for the LSATs. Like, these are not all all-important things.

But CES will appearance the limits. And there adeptness be, with assertive things, uses that we never foresaw coming. For years, electric scooters were apparent as a alone endemic adaptable busline idea. Now, of course, adaptable scooters accept become a, I don’t appetite to say a menace, but you’ve absolved about Alexandria. There’s like seven altered companies that accept adaptable scooters, and they’re everywhere. But that wasn’t the advised use.

So, I anticipate you’re activity to see added actuality alien at this show. Maybe that technology that tells you if your eggs are bad will assignment bigger at confined and restaurants, so we don’t accept to accelerate Jon Taffer in to acquaint them they’re confined baby food. You’ll see things like, I accept a Keurig Drinkworks. It’s like a K-Cup, but it makes alcoholic beverages. You’ve apparent things like that at CES for years, and they’ve filtered into the bar Matt Frankel and I went to aftermost night, breadth a apprentice arm fabricated our actual cher alcohol that wasn’t account it at all. But it was a gimmick that apparently started at a CES. Can a apprentice accomplish drinks? It can; it’s aloof not account it.

Flippen: [laugh] A apple afterwards Jon Taffer is a apple I don’t appetite to alive in. But I do appear to anticipate maybe there are some uses — I’d be behindhand if I didn’t ask you about what you’re seeing as it applies to AR [augmented reality] especially. I apperceive VR [virtual reality] has been one of those trends that absolutely bent on — gosh, I don’t apperceive how continued ago, five-years-plus ago. And afresh it absolutely aloof didn’t accept a ton of customer use, admitting customer articles actuality out there. How do you feel about AR?

Kline: I acquisition it appealing disappointing, in that we went to a seminar. And I won’t abash the bodies who were speaking, but they were adulatory some what I would alarm actual accessory business successes that got bodies to use AR or VR technology. They were still talking about Pokemon Go. I accept to be honest, I’m like the aftermost guy who still plays Pokemon Go, but I’ve never played with the AR. That adds absolutely annihilation to it unless you appetite to column a screenshot of, like, “I’m at a burial arena this game, and, look, Pikachu is on the coffin!” It doesn’t add to the game.

So, I anticipate we’re in a stagnation aeon breadth the technology has captivated up adoption, because if AR and VR did not crave a beefy angle — and I own [Facebook’s] Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest is fun to put on your arch and do, like, “Hey, I’m activity to do a basic roller coaster. I’m activity to watch the battle bout from absolutely abutting up.” But it’s not a applied affair for you to sit bottomward at your board and say: “Oh, hey, Dan and I afterwards accept a planning meeting. We’re both activity to put these headsets on and allocution for 45 minutes, so we can affectionate of pretend we’re sitting at the aforementioned table.” I’m abiding there’s avant-garde AR and VR here, but there’s absolutely a aqueduct that this isn’t aloof a simple brace of slip-on glasses or goggles or article that doesn’t charge the technology. And from what I saw from a agglomeration of industry leaders, I don’t anticipate they apperceive breadth to go yet.

Flippen: So, no Snapchat sunglasses for you, then?

Kline: No. [laughs]. Look, I adulation all this stuff. I’m a sucker. I will buy every new fast charger, every headset. But putting on an Oculus to do change things, or PlayStation basic reality, it’s fun…it’s not that fun, and it’s heavy. Look, I’m abiding there’s some failing things on the appearance floor. I’m abiding there’s some glasses. But they’ve been assuming the aforementioned affectionate of actuality in these areas. And the adventures accept gotten better. The amateur are absolutely fun. But there’s annihilation that makes me say, “Hey, it’s a acceptable abstraction to go out and advance $200 or $300 in a headset.” I do anticipate that this will happen, but I anticipate it will be added allotment of our phone. Definitely beneath accepting to abrasion a abstracted allotment of technology.

Flippen: I do accept one aftermost catechism for you, Dan. I anticipate the aftermost time you were on the Customer Appurtenances Industry Focus podcast, you talked about Black Friday and your acquaintance aftermost time you went out — how balked you were with the consistently breaking, cheap, $5 coffee makers. So, I accept to ask, did you administer to acquisition a bigger coffee maker at CES?

Kline: [laughs] I accept not physically apparent the coffee makers at CES. And that is addition thing. There will be all sorts of beginning coffee makers. And the absoluteness is, we accept a champ in the U.S.; Keurig, for what it’s worth, has won that market. I alone am a [Nestle] Nespresso guy. I accept a Nespresso apparatus at both houses, and like the coffee a lot bigger than what a Keurig can do.

But I do anticipate you’re activity to see addition in the bar area. The Keurig Drinkworks is a air-conditioned product, but it’s actual bulky, it’s somewhat expensive, it’s not activity to address to too abounding people. I do anticipate you will see a advance adjoin added of a SodaStream-type bar system, breadth the bulk to access is afterpiece to $100 than it is $300. I don’t apperceive that that technology is here, but I’m activity to assumption it apparently is, because one of the areas that you absolutely see absolute change every year is authoritative your home accessories added convenient. I now accept an air-fryer/toaster-oven in my kitchen. That was article that was technology at CES bristles or six years ago that you could acquaint was coming, but they were all abstracted accessories at the time.

Flippen: So, as consumers, we should all be advance in our kitchen equipment, then. Paying up for the air fryers and coffee makers.

Kline: I anticipate you appetite to attending at the absolutely acute multiuse things. Bodies adulation the [Instant Pot], but allotment of the acumen for that is, it can do a agglomeration of altered things, and it’s alone one appliance. I am not as big a fan; I can never get the top to stick on right, and for it to pressure-cook.

But I anticipate you’re activity to appetite to attending for a brace of things. Does a accessory break assorted absolute problems at an affordable price? And then, in the aback of it, like the way the Emperor looms over the new Star Wars movie: The affair abaft accumulated is 5G. Aback we accept a absolute rollout of 5G, your adeptness to accept laptops, or phones, or headsets, or who-knows-what that do so abundant added become stronger. So, it’s one of those things that a lot of companies actuality talked about 5G, but you’d absolutely accept to allocution to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. And I’ve announced to all of them about 5G. Actual rollout dates are…there’ll be some rollout this year, but it won’t be meaningful. There’s this basal accepted of aback this happens, afresh that. But that’s apparently not in the abutting 12 months.

Flippen: Yeah, we’ll be befitting an eye out for our 5G Internet-of-Things-connected devices, hopefully at CES shows in the future. Dan, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us today. It’s consistently abundant aback we can get boots on the arena at shows like CES. It makes for a abundant experience.

Kline: I technically abrasion sneakers, but I’ll calculation as “boots on the ground.”

Flippen: [laughs] Well, listeners, that does it for this adventure of Industry Focus. If you accept any questions or appetite to adeptness out and say “Hey,” shoot us an email at [email protected] or cheep us @MFIndustryFocus. If you’re attractive for added of our stuff, subscribe on iTunes, or analysis out videos on YouTube.

As always, bodies on the affairs may own companies discussed on the show, and The Motley Fool may accept academic recommendations for or adjoin any stocks mentioned, so don’t buy or advertise annihilation based alone on what you hear. Acknowledgment to Austin Morgan for his assignment abaft the bottle today. For Dan Kline, I’m Emily Flippen. Acknowledgment for alert and Fool on!

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