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The USS Abraham Lincoln is branch for its new homeport of San Diego and the ship’s families, who accept already arrived, are acquisitive to achieve bottomward with their sailors. Plus, the Burghal of San Diego after-effects a $2,000 admittance fee to animate homeowners to advice the burghal fix its absurd sidewalks. And San Diego Ambassador Kevin Faulconer delivers his sixth and final Accompaniment of the Burghal address.

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Speaker 1: 00:00 It’s Thursday, January 16th I’m Priya Shree there and you’re alert to San Diego account affairs from KPBS advancing up. San Diego, ambassador Kevin Faulkner delivers his sixth and final accompaniment of the burghal abode and the USS Abraham Lincoln is branch for its new home anchorage of San Diego. Afterwards a deployment that got extended,

Speaker 2: 00:19 we’re basically the ones that accept to acquaint the families, Hey, like it’s adverse your sailors not advancing home.

Speaker 1: 00:24 That and added San Diego account belief advancing up aloof afterwards the break.

Speaker 3: 00:37 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 00:38 San Diego ambassador Kevin Faulkner gave his final accompaniment of the burghal abode one breach night. KPBS Metro anchorman Andrew Bowen says, the ambassador is gearing up for a alive aftermost year in office.

Speaker 4: 00:48 Faulkner is not abetment bottomward from his law and adjustment access to alive homelessness. He spent allotment of his accent aspersing accompaniment laws that bargain bent penalties for biologic use, adage they’ve contributed to California’s homelessness crisis.

Speaker 5: 01:02 These laws are absolution bodies boring annihilate themselves appropriate in avant-garde of our eyes. These are cries for advice and association are not activity to change afterwards after-effects for their actions.

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Speaker 4: 01:13 Connor says he’ll advance a statewide aborigine action accompanying to homelessness. Though he didn’t accord any details. He’s additionally continuing his advance to activate home architecture and affairs to accompany a slate of apartment initiatives to the burghal council. Later this year, Andrew Bowen KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 01:28 the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is on its way to San Diego KPBS aggressive anchorman Steve Walsh says it will breach the almanac for the longest deployment by a U S carrier. Aback the Vietnam war,

Speaker 4: 01:40 the Lincoln larboard Norfolk April 1st the adjournment has been boxy on families who had to adjudge aback to move beyond country, says Gina Swain who’s affiliated to a sailor on board. The Lincoln end works with Lincoln families.

Speaker 2: 01:52 We’re basically the ones that accept to acquaint the families, Hey, like it’s adverse your sailors not advancing home and it is adamantine to accord with that, that you aloof confused cantankerous country to appear home and be with your sailor.

Speaker 4: 02:04 Complicating their move. The Navy’s allowance for apartment compensates for cher San Diego, but families commonly don’t accept that money until their carrier. Actually, docs in San Diego command had to change the rules. Thursday. The Lincoln will breach its own almanac for the longest deployment by a us carrier aback the Vietnam war. It will access in San Diego age-old in the abutting two weeks. Steve Walsh KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 02:29 a California law in aftereffect this ages provides added protections for millions of renters beyond the accompaniment cap radios. Chris Nichols has added on a new website that supporters launched to explain those protections.

Speaker 4: 02:41 The new law is one of California’s arch bedfellow aegis measures in decades. It caps hire increases at 5% additional aggrandizement anniversary year and it makes it harder for landlords to adios tenants, but it doesn’t administer to all renters. That’s why supporters created addressee the website includes an accommodation analysis breadth renters can access basal advice to acquisition out whether they’re covered by the law. It additionally has a downloadable letter tenants can use to avert their rights in disputes with landlords. The armpit additionally provides access to acknowledged aid services. Nearly bisected of the state, 17 actor renters are accepted to account from the new protections in Sacramento. I’m Chris Nichols

Speaker 1: 03:25 association of the Broadway Heights adjacency aggregate to bless Martin Luther King jr his birthday. Wednesday KPBS apprenticeship anchorman Joe Hong batten with association leaders about what adolescent ancestors can apprentice from the civilian rights leader

Speaker 6: 03:40 with the reenactment of his best acclaimed accent association leaders and acceptance aggregate to bless the 91st altogether of Martin Luther King jr Booker Sanders chief is on the association lath for Broadway Heights. He said the accent rings accurate alike today,

Speaker 7: 03:54 so we appetite it to be able to accompany that to the apprentice so that they can bigger accept why there are so abounding Americans of blush who ascribed to the abandon that Dr. King so abundantly batten of. Mark Luther King

Speaker 6: 04:09 jr was built-in in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15th, 1929 the anniversary continues on Saturday with the anniversary array on Harbor drive and the all bodies anniversary on Monday in Balboa park, Joe Hong K PBS news,

Speaker 1: 04:23 a San Diego archaeologian has apparent an absolutely new breed of anachronistic from a deposit begin in China a decade ago. KPBS science and technology anchorman Shalina chit Lani batten to the scientist about this 120 actor year old creature. It’s declared in a abstraction appear in the journal, the anatomical record. This new breed is alleged Wu Longo aerial insists a advertence to the Chinese chat for dancing dragon. The name describes how adroit the deposit looks as San Diego accustomed history building archaeologian Ashley post, he says, this anachronistic with its babyish cat sized anatomy continued goonie appendage and lots of accoutrement could advice explain how birds developed.

Speaker 4: 05:02 This was a aeon it was abundant warmer than today, but acknowledgment than the blow of the time of the dinosaurs and so that’s absolutely absorbing to anticipate about how the agent of accoutrement ability accept been accompanying to these changes in temperature.

Speaker 1: 05:13 Pals looked at cantankerous sections of the dinosaurs basic to affirm it’s in actuality a new species. He says the amount of deposit discoveries has added in the aftermost bristles years. Thanks to added avant-garde technology and greater chase efforts. Worldwide. Shalina, Celani K PBS news, a Salvador and cover appellant has filed a accusation adjoin the government. She says she suffered a miscarriage. While in aegis at a clandestine apprehension ability and OTI Mesa KPBS anchorman max Revlon Adler has more

Speaker 4: 05:41 Rubia Morales entered ice aegis on Christmas day 2017 she was already abundant and says that her analysis while in custody, which included a algid cell, non-nutritious foods and a abridgement of medical affliction led to her miscarriage. She was actuality captivated at the amount apple apprehension centermost in OTI aback on January 10th afterwards added than two weeks in custody, she began to ache and bleed. According to the cloister filing. She was told by a medical able on armpit that the bleeding was accustomed and that she could buy germ-free pads for a dollar a allotment to accord with the bleeding. On January 15th Mirella’s burst while cat-and-mouse in a meal band in aegis and was rushed to the hospital breadth she abstruse she had suffered a miscarriage. Joy Bertrand is Miralis lawyer. If we’re activity to accomplish the advised best to authority abundant women in clearing detention, we collectively accept to be accessible to accord them the affliction that they’re activity to charge and the Otay Mesa ability by architecture does not accept that care. In a statement. Amount apple told KPBS that it cannot animadversion on the awaiting litigation, but that it provides three alimental commons a day to detainees max with Linda Adler KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 06:48 the burghal of San Diego will briefly abandon admittance fees for acreage owners who appetite to fix their damage. Sidewalks mirror, Kevin Faulkner appear that the about $2,000 fee will be waived in 90 canicule for the blow of 2020 association will still charge to administer for a permit. Councilman Mark Kersey, the armchair of burghal councils alive busline and basement board says the burghal has been crumbling a lot of money advantageous out lawsuits, settlements.

Speaker 8: 07:13 This is a citywide problem. This isn’t every lath district. It’s in every neighborhood. Uh, and some of the earlier genitalia of town. We’ve got aboriginal sidewalks that accept been there for a hundred years and they’re bankrupt up.

Speaker 1: 07:24 Kersey has proposed a plan for the burghal to absorb $10 actor in the abutting 10 years to fix damage. Sidewalks. Few breed are able to handle a hot and dry altitude bigger than the arid tortoise. This age-old animal and habits, some of the harshest areas of the American Southwest, but with altitude change authoritative their home hotter and drier. How are they arresting to acquisition out Kay UNCs. Luke Runyon took a backpack in the Mojave desert.

Speaker 8: 07:49 The cardinal one aphorism to bethink aback attractive for arid tortoise’s consistently watch breadth you’re walking or you’ll end up with a block of Choi, a cactus lodged in your shin and accept to cull out its spines one by one who is absolutely ashore in there. And aphorism cardinal two accept Todd sq as your adviser who afterwards a brace decades belief arid fauna is able to beam off a cactus attack. There’s a sheath that stays in yet and that makes it absolutely itching. Burn sq is a researcher cologists with the us geological analysis and a tortoise expert. We’re hiking through a abstraction breadth South of Las Vegas on the Nevada, California bound tortoises are listed beneath the endangered breed act and a abode like this is meant to accord advisers acumen into the best means to advice their populations rebound. All the tortoises are tagged with transmitters. [inaudible] aide Felicia Chen holds a metal antenna in the air to acquisition one tucked abroad in a apple until we can punch in that abundance on this receiver and I apprehend it beeping

Speaker 9: 09:11 [inaudible] this

Speaker 8: 09:12 is how tortoise’s absorb best of their lives. A brace anxiety beneath the arid floor. They appear out whenever it rains to alcohol and in the bounce and abatement to eat and mate, anniversary apple is apparent with a bedrock and a cardinal because these are arresting abstraction plots. They all accept an address. This is like 56 79 tortoise lane, article like that. The threats to tortoise’s are abounding as says, this amplitude of prime abode is additionally home to huge solar farms, a railroad, the artery artery amid Vegas and Los Angeles and a few bank resorts. It’s actual advantageous for bodies as able-bodied as it is for the wildlife and to adapt it, it has created some uh, battle in the attention and development apple breadth there’s bodies who’ve had to appear calm and accomplish agreements on what are we activity to acquiesce in these areas. That’s the abbreviate appellation claiming for tortoise’s.

Speaker 8: 10:09 Figuring out how to accumulate them from actuality displaced and their abode fractured. One action is to artlessly backpack tortoises to accomplish allowance for massive solar arrays and added development. But altitude change presents an existential blackmail for the longterm. So, um, if we accept hotter temperatures and beneath rainfall, aboriginal of all, they’re not activity to get a drink. As often. Tortoises accept acquired to bear baptize scarcity. Sq says, but alike they accept a breaking point in the aftermost decade adjacent Las Vegas set new annal for hot and dry acclimate and altitude models accept apparent the likelihood of alleged mega droughts to access in the advancing decades. If we aloof accept continued droughts, we’re activity to alpha seeing populations blink out in one Valley or another. Addition altitude change accompanying botheration comes from how tortoise’s reproduce. Their sex is assigned based on the evolution temperature of their eggs. Too hot or too cold. And you can accept a accomplished set of babyish tortoises appear out as all macho or all female. What do you got afterwards added than a mile of wandering, we appear to a apple with a radio tagged tortoise central sq. Pulls out a babyish mirror to absolute sunlight into the hole. So I can see aback there, calmly a meter, Chen and sq. Move abreast some besom so we can get a bigger look. You can see the absolute Thomas can you see it?

Speaker 8: 11:39 And he’s appealing tucked in there. Sq says this tortoise acceptable came out afterwards the aftermost rainfall, 10 canicule afore it was the aboriginal rain in added than a hundred days. Once you alpha to apprentice about them and you see how acrid it is out actuality in the desert, uh, your acknowledgment aloof keeps growing, I anticipate because sq says you get to see what they’re up against. I’m Luke Runyon in the Mojave desert.

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