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You’re aggravating your best to adore an black cookout, but a connected army of mosquitoes follows you from barbecue to poolside. The threat? A bore to your skin, abrogation abaft an acquisitive red bruise and possibly alike a austere illness. As you beat absurdly at the pests, you apprehension that others assume absolutely unfazed. Could it be that mosquitoes adopt to chaw some bodies over others?

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The abbreviate acknowledgment is yes. Mosquitoes do display blood-sucking preferences, say the experts. “One in 10 bodies are awful adorable to mosquitoes,” letters Jerry Butler, PhD, assistant emeritus at the University of Florida. But it’s not banquet they’re sucking out of you. Changeable mosquitoes — males do not chaw bodies — charge animal claret to advance abundant eggs. And apparently, not aloof anyone’s will do.

Who Mosquitoes Like BestAlthough advisers accept yet to define what mosquitoes accede an ideal hunk of animal flesh, the coursing is on. “There’s a amazing bulk of analysis actuality conducted on what compounds and odors bodies bleed that ability be adorable to mosquitoes,” says Joe Conlon, PhD, abstruse adviser to the American Mosquito Control Association. With 400 altered compounds to examine, it’s an acutely arduous process. “Researchers are aloof alpha to blemish the surface,” he says.

Scientists do apperceive that analysis annual for a whopping 85% of our susceptibility to mosquito bites. They’ve additionally articular assertive elements of our anatomy allure that, back begin in balance on the skin’s surface, accomplish mosquitoes army closer.

“People with aerial concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on their bark apparent allure mosquitoes,” Butler tells WebMD. That doesn’t necessarily beggarly that mosquitoes casualty on bodies with college all-embracing levels of cholesterol, Butler explains. These bodies artlessly may be added able at processing cholesterol, the byproducts of which abide on the skin’s surface.

Mosquitoes additionally ambition bodies who aftermath balance amounts of assertive acids, such as uric acid, explains entomologist John Edman, PhD, agent for the Entomological Society of America. These substances can activate mosquitoes’ faculty of smell, adorable them to acreage on bitter victims.

But the action of allure begins continued afore the landing. Mosquitoes can aroma their banquet from an absorbing ambit of up to 50 meters, explains Edman. This doesn’t augur able-bodied for bodies who afford ample quantities of carbon dioxide.

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“Any blazon of carbon dioxide is attractive, alike over a continued distance,” Conlon says. Larger bodies tend to accord off added carbon dioxide, which is why mosquitoes about adopt munching on adults to baby children. Pregnant women are additionally at added risk, as they aftermath a greater-than-normal bulk of exhaled carbon dioxide. Movement and calefaction additionally allure mosquitoes.

So if you appetite to abstain an aggression of mosquito bites at your abutting alfresco gathering, pale out a bassinet lounge rather than a atom on the volleyball team. Here’s why. As you run about the volleyball court, the mosquitoes faculty your movement and arch adjoin you. Back you blow from exertion, the aroma of carbon dioxide from your abundant breath draws them closer. So does the lactic acerbic from your diaphoresis glands. And again — gotcha.

With a continued clue almanac — mosquitoes accept been about for 170 actor years — and added than 175 accepted breed in the U.S., these acute summertime pests acutely aren’t activity to abandon any time soon. But you can abbreviate their impact.

Keeping the Chaw at Bay: Chemical-Based Mosquito RepellentsPlenty of mosquito repellents band the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets anniversary summer, but they’re not all created equally.The majority of accessible mosquito repellents acquire their capability from chemicals. Attention the accessible from mosquitoes back 1957, DEET continues to be the actinic of best acclimated in repellents. In again studies, it’s been accurate the best able actinic abhorrent on the market. Repellents with 23.8% DEET (most formulas accommodate amid 10% and 30%) assure wearers for about bristles hours, according to a abstraction led by Mark Fradin, PhD, a researcher with Chapel Hill Dermatology.

Just how safe is it to covering yourself in DEET to accumulate from accepting apathetic by mosquitoes? “[DEET] has been in use for over 40 years and has a arresting assurance record. Abandoned few hospitalizations accept been reported, mainly due to gross overuse,” Conlon tells WebMD. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that low concentrations of DEET (10% or less) are safe to use on breed over 2 months old.

DEET, admitting the best well-known, isn’t the abandoned actinic acclimated in mosquito repellents. In 2005, the CDC began advising alternatives to DEET for adjoin mosquitoes. Picaridin, adequately new to the U.S., has been acclimated common back 1998. Marketed as Cutter Advanced, picaridin has accurate to be as able as DEET but is said to be added affable to use because it is odorless and contains a light, apple-pie feel. Picaridin is safe for accouchement earlier than 2 months.

The actinic IR3535, bigger accepted as Avon’s Skin-So-Soft, additionally has been marketed as a mosquito abhorrent in the U.S. in contempo years. To date, analysis shows it’s abundant beneath able than DEET.

Then there’s metofluthrin. This new chemical, accustomed by the EPA in 2006 as a mosquito repellent, “is affairs like hotcakes,” Conlon tells WebMD. Sold as DeckMate Mosquito Repellent, it’s accessible in two forms. As a cardboard strip, you abode it in alfresco areas like patios and decks. You can additionally abrasion it. As a claimed abhorrent product, it comes in a baby alembic with a dispensable cartridge. Clipped assimilate a belt or clothing, it relies on a battery-powered fan to absolution the mosquito abhorrent into the area, surrounding and attention the wearer. It is not activated to the skin.

Alternatives to Chemical-based Mosquito RepellentsIf you appetite to abstain chemical-based repellents altogether, a few able alternatives do exist.

“Of the articles we tested, the soybean oil-based abhorrent was able to assure from mosquito bites for about 1.5 hours,” Fradin reports. He and adolescent advisers begin added oils — citronella, cedar, peppermint, lemongrass, and bittersweet — accommodate brief aegis at best.

Oil of eucalyptus products, however, may action longer-lasting protection, basic studies show. Endorsed by the CDC, oil of auto eucalyptus is accessible beneath the Repel cast name and offers aegis agnate to low concentrations of DEET. Auto eucalyptus is safe for accouchement earlier than 3 years.

In the aftermost few years, nonchemical repellents beat as bark patches and absolute thiamine (vitamin B1) accept accustomed in some big-box food beneath the name Don’t Chaw Me! The science abaft this abhorrent comes from a abstraction done in the 1960s. It showed that thiamine (B1) produces a bark odor changeable mosquitoes don’t like. But no added studies accept accepted thiamine’s capability as a mosquito abhorrent back beat on the skin. Chari Kauffmann, admiral of the aggregation that sells bark application alleged Don’t Chaw Me!, says studies on the artefact are ongoing, admitting the aggregation has no abstracts to report.

Driving Mosquitoes AwayHate to aerosol or slather yourself with any product, either chemical- or plant-based, but appetite to anticipate mosquitoes from landing on you? Mosquito traps, a almost new product, may be the answer. They assignment by abounding substances that bitter mosquitoes acquisition adorable — such as carbon dioxide, heat, moisture, and added mosquito-friendly byproducts. They attract, again allurement or annihilate changeable mosquitoes. Back placed strategically abreast ancestry spots, “they accept agape [mosquito] populations down,” Conlon tells WebMD.

One new fad in mosquito aegis doubles as a actualization statement. It’s insect absorber abhorrent accoutrement — accouterment alloyed with the actinic insecticide permethrin. Marketed as a must-have for alfresco enthusiasts, Conlon says the aggressive has acclimated this adjustment for several years. “I wore them in the jungles of South Africa; I would acclaim them to anyone activity out into the woods,” he tells WebMD.

Take time to attending at the big account – in your yard, that is. It’s allotment of a action that Greg Baumann, chief scientist with the National Annoyance Administration Association Inc., calls chip annoyance management, and it involves anecdotic invasive pests in your ambience and demography antidotal accomplishments adjoin them. This agency award and eliminating continuing water, which serves as an ideal ancestry arena for mosquitoes. Clogged gutters, the crevices of artificial toys, debris cans, rain barrels after buried covers, and bird baths are some of the better adjacency ancestry grounds, Baumann says.

How Risky Are Mosquito Bites?A mosquito chaw can beggarly abundant added than a few canicule of itching. For some people, they can account astringent allergic reactions. Plus, there are mosquito-transmitted illnesses. The West Nile virus fabricated its aboriginal actualization in the U.S. in 1999. That year, New York accepted 62 cases and seven deaths. By 2008, the cardinal of cases had escalated substantially. In 2008 alone, the CDC appear 1,356 cases of West Nile throughout the U.S. and 44 deaths. Again there’s malaria, an oft-forgotten mosquito-transmitted disease. “We don’t anticipate about it, but a actor bodies common die of malaria every year,” Baumann says.

Although malaria outbreaks in the U.S. are few and far between, the aforementioned can’t be said for West Nile, which Conlon says “is apparently actuality to stay.” And with it, the age-old, ever-adaptable mosquito.

By Elizabeth HeubeckReviewed by Louise Chang©2009 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved

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