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If there was any agnosticism that the Senate allegation balloon of Admiral Trump would get absinthian and personal, Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel, dispelled it quickly.

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The arguments on the accessories haven’t yet begun. But as he argued on account of the balloon rules proposed by Republicans, Mr. Cipollone lashed out — alone and anon — at Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the advance House manager.

“It’s actual difficult to accept to Mr. Schiff acquaint the account that he aloof told,” Mr. Cipollone said. Referencing a arbitrary of Mr. Trump’s alarm with Ukraine’s admiral Mr. Schiff already gave during a board audition — which Mr. Trump frequently mocks — Mr. Cipollone said that Mr. Schiff “manufactured a counterfeit version” of the call. (Mr. Schiff has said that his delineation of the alarm conferred “the essence” of the presidents’ barter as a “classic organized abomination shakedown.”)

In a alcove acclaimed for the faux-graciousness of the senators, who consistently abode anniversary added as “my acceptable friend,” Mr. Cipollone batten anon to “Mr. Schiff,” abstinent him his appellation as a affiliate of Congress or alike a House manager.

With the Senate sergeant-at-arms uttering the announcement “All bodies are allowable to accumulate silence, on affliction of imprisonment,” the 100 senators are now captivated to a vow of blackout and bedfast to their chairs for the continuance of the day’s proceedings.

As Mr. Cipollone and Mr. Schiff began debating Mr. McConnell’s proposed rules, several senators in the alcove began scribbling addendum at their desk, some application ample white acknowledged pads while others jotted bottomward addendum on the backs of baby cards. Best of the desks in the alcove were abounding with pens, pencils and binders.

As they listened, some senators fiddled with pens in their easily while others like Senators Jerry Moran, Republican of Kansas, and Bernie Sanders, Democrat of Vermont, bankrupt their easily as they listened.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, fabricated changes to the proposed rules for the balloon afterwards Republicans senators, including Susan Collins of Maine, aloft apropos about two provisions, according to a backer for Ms. Collins.

The aide, Annie Clark, said the Maine Republican capital to ensure that the resolution as carefully resembled the rules adopted by the Senate in the 1999 balloon of Admiral Bill Clinton as possible.

Mr. McConnell’s antecedent affairs had deviated in several means from those agitated out in Mr. Clinton’s case.

Republicans fabricated last-minute changes in their proposed acclimation resolution for the allegation balloon afterwards affronted attacks from Democrats that the proposed rules were arbitrary and allotment of an attempted “cover-up” of Admiral Trump’s actions.

The antecedent proposal, apparent by Agent Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, had set abreast 24 hours for anniversary ancillary to altercate the case — but said they had to complete the arguments in two days. Democrats said that would best acceptable force the agitation able-bodied into the wee hours of the morning, back few Americans were watching.

When the resolution was read, however, the two-day absolute was afflicted to three days. That would extend the breadth of the balloon by acceptance anniversary ancillary to advance their arguments over more, but beneath days.

The resolution submitted by Mr. McConnell additionally automatically enters the affirmation calm by the House allegation analysis into the Senate almanac of the trial, in the aforementioned way that a agnate resolution advised affirmation during the 1999 allegation balloon of aloft Admiral Bill Clinton.

Democrats had railed adjoin a accouterment in the proposed rules that would not accept automatically accepted into the official almanac the House’s evidence. They warned that Republicans were attempting to conduct a balloon with “no evidence” at all.

The White House responded angrily on Tuesday to demands by Democrats that Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel, about-face over abstracts accordant to the Ukraine allegation analysis — demands that advance that Mr. Cipollone is carefully circuitous in the actual analysis for which he is confined as the president’s top lawyer.

Hogan Gidley, the agent White House columnist secretary, issued a baking account on account of Mr. Trump, who is in Davos, Switzerland, accessory the Apple Bread-and-butter Forum.

“The Democrats are an absolute antic — they accept no case, and this latest political achievement proves it,” Mr. Gidley said. “The abstraction that the admonition to the admiral has to about-face over adequate abstracts and arcane advice is ludicrous, and to betoken he can’t represent the admiral of the United States in an allegation proceeding is absolutely absurd.”

He added: “Further, the man Democrats appointed to advance these affairs is Adam Schiff — who has been bent lying assorted times about Russia bunco affirmation that didn’t exist, fabricated up a absolutely affected buzz chat about Ukraine that never happened, and aria that his agents didn’t accept acquaintance with the whistle-blower. If there’s anyone who should be butterfingers from arch this proceeding, it’s Mr. Schiff.”

Even afore the balloon got underway Tuesday, the Civic Republican Senatorial Board acquaint a baking pro-Trump video on Twitter painting Democrats as an impeachment-hungry mob — a assurance that naked partisanship still reigns alfresco the chamber.

“An affronted mob is at the gate, but the United States Senate has the watch,” the anchorperson intoned gravely, adding, “The adulterated is over. A fair balloon starts now.”

The 2 minute and 17 added video opens with the choir of those abashed by Mr. Trump’s achievement in 2016. Back Mr. Trump was affidavit in, “the larboard absent it,” the anchorperson said, as images of a atramentous auto on blaze and riots in the artery flickered beyond the screen.

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“This allegation adulterated started the day he was elected,” the anchorperson went on, adding, “Let’s be clear: This is not some aloof acumen that Democrats came to reluctantly. It’s not some black moment or austere exercise for the left. It is the agreed end of a accessory crusade.”

Senator Mitch McConnell active one of the oldest tricks in the Senate book to abash Democrats from ascent time-consuming challenges to his proposed arena rules for the allegation trial. As the Senate opened Tuesday, Mr. McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and majority baton warned senators that they should be able to break as continued as accessible to achieve a resolution ambience the ambit for the trial.

That is a not-so-veiled blackmail to break into the wee hours if Democrats action a continued cord of proposed changes. Senators are already black with accepting to sit agilely at their desks with no phones or computers.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, had already said he would adduce a alternation of changes but promised he would not be dilatory.

The seven House managers submitted one final accounting abrupt at apex on Monday, aloof an hour afore the Senate was set to reconvene as a cloister of impeachment. The 34-page filing included a point-by-point acknowledgment of arguments put advanced by Admiral Trump’s attorneys in his aegis on Monday, and an abode to senators to captive him based on the House charges.

“President Trump continues to assert that he has done annihilation wrong,” the managers wrote. “President Trump’s appearance that he cannot be captivated accountable, except in an acclamation he seeks to fix in his favor, underscores the charge for the Senate to exercise its austere built-in assignment to abolish Admiral Trump from office.”

The managers asserted that the appearance put alternating by Mr. Trump’s aggregation that bribery of ability is not an amiss appointment was not alone accurately and constitutionally “wrong” but “dangerous.” The Constitution, they argued, does not crave that an amiss breach be a crime, and its framers accurately included the allegation commodity to accord with president’s who put their own interests aloft the country.

“That altercation would beggarly that, alike accepting that the House’s abode of the facts is actual — which it is — the House lacks ascendancy to abolish a admiral who sells out our capitalism and civic aegis in barter for a claimed political favor,” they wrote.

The managers additionally alone the altercation that Mr. Trump’s attempts to block affidavit and assemblage from the House’s allegation analysis was allowable and appropriate. Their analysis was appropriately authorized, they said, and Mr. Trump never absolutely asserted controlling privilege, alone instructing assemblage not to abet afterwards justification.

Taken together, the filings accommodate a bright map for what alive arguments on the Senate attic will attending like back they activate afterwards this week.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, in his aperture animadversion said the day’s proceeding would serve as a analytical analysis for senators.

“This antecedent footfall will action an aboriginal arresting to our country: Can the Senate still serve our founding purpose?” he said. “Can we still put fairness, bluntness and actual antecedent advanced of the accessory passions of the day? Today’s vote will accommodate some answers.”

Mr. McConnell afresh encouraged senators to abutment his proposed rules for the balloon that accept affronted Democrats, who accept declared them as alike to a “cover-up.” And he afresh threw algid baptize on the abstraction of audition from new assemblage like John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s aloft civic aegis adviser.

“Pursuing those assemblage could indefinitely adjournment the Senate balloon and draw out the anatomy into a abiding and circuitous acknowledged action over presidential privilege,” he said.

Regular admirers of Senate affairs will acceptable apprehension commodity actual odd back agitation begins: Senators will not be accomplishing the debating themselves.

Because the rules of the balloon crave senators to abide bashful at about all times, the motions fabricated by either ancillary will be debated by the House managers and the White House attorneys instead. That leaves the commonly babbling senators in absolutely a bind. No bulk how acerb they feel about their motions, there will be no fist-pounding or active speeches in an advance to altercate their colleagues.

At least, not by them.

Representative Zoe Lofgren, one of the seven Democratic House allegation managers, said she was not acceptable in her role of prosecuting Admiral Trump.

“It is abashing that the admiral has affianced in this behavior,” Ms. Lofgren said Tuesday on CNN. “It’s not a blithesome moment for me — far from it.”

Ms. Lofgren and her adolescent managers will be arguing Tuesday over the balloon rules with Mr. Trump’s aegis team.

Ms. Lofgren comes to her job with antecedent allegation acquaintance as a affiliate of the House Judiciary Board during Admiral Bill Clinton’s allegation and as a law apprentice allowance the Judiciary Board abstract its Watergate accuse adjoin Admiral Richard M. Nixon.

Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the boyhood leader, said in a account appointment that he would appeal that the Senate amendment both assemblage and abstracts for the balloon — including any annal of Admiral Trump’s alarm with the baton of Ukraine, and any annal apropos to the White House accommodation to abstain aggressive aid from Ukraine.

But his Republican counterpart, Agent Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has said he counted 53 votes in favor of his rules, suggesting that any Democratic plan to change them would apparently fail.

Mr. Schumer said he wants annal of affair or calls involving John Bolton, the president’s aloft civic aegis adviser, and Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House arch of staff, amid others, abacus that the admiral may accept been affair to some of those communications.

“The assemblage I’ve requested accept gotten a lot of absorption and accurately so,” Mr. Schumer said. “The abstracts are of according importance.”

Senator Chuck Schumer on Tuesday alleged the Republicans’ plan for Admiral Trump’s balloon allotment of a camouflage and “a civic disgrace,” and said he would move to adapt to mirror the resolution acclimated for Admiral Bill Clinton as anon as the balloon begins at 1 p.m.

Mr. Schumer, the boyhood leader, was reacting to rules set out by his Republican counterpart, Agent Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, who apprenticed to run Mr. Trump’s balloon in accordance with the acclimation resolution acclimated during the Clinton trial, but has instead proposed a abundant speedier balloon that would not accommodate affirmation aggregate by the House in the balloon record.

“McConnell seems to appetite a balloon with no absolute affirmation and no new evidence,” Mr. Schumer said, adding, “A balloon with no affirmation is not a balloon at all — it’s a cover-up.”

Senator Brian Schatz, Democrat of Hawaii, on Tuesday apprenticed bodies to flood the Senate switchboard with calls ambitious that senators acquiesce new assemblage and affirmation to be advised as allotment of the allegation balloon of Admiral Trump.

“202-224-3121 is the cardinal and ask for assemblage and documents,” Mr. Schatz wrote on Twitter.

The amusing media appeal was allotment of a Democratic accomplishment to advance the balloon rules proposed by Republicans as allotment of a “cover-up” advised to move the allegation balloon to a accelerated absolution of the president.

Democrats are acquisitive that the accessible will burden Republicans to adapt their proposed rules, which would abbreviate arguments to aloof two canicule for anniversary abandon and adjourn votes on assemblage until afterwards arguments and questions from senators.

A new poll from CNN begin that 69 percent of Americans accept that the allegation balloon should accommodate new assemblage and affirmation that were not allotment of the House analysis that led to the president’s impeachment.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s claimed apostle and a key amateur in the Ukraine burden attack at the affection of the allegation case, said Monday night that he would appropriately affirm in the Senate balloon if alleged as a witness.

“I wouldn’t apperception actuality alleged as a attestant for a lot of reasons, including actuality able to acknowledge the astonishing bulk of bribery that went on amid the Democratic Affair and Ukraine all throughout the Obama administration,” Mr. Giuliani said on “The Ingraham Angle” affairs on Fox News.

Mr. Giuliani led a rogue accumulation of bodies central and alfresco the government to advance Ukraine to investigate Mr. Trump’s rivals, including aloft Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter. He additionally orchestrated a apply attack to adios Marie L. Yovanovitch, the aloft United States agent to Ukraine. There is no affirmation that the aloft carnality admiral did annihilation abnormal apropos Ukraine during his time in office.

During the Fox Account interview, Mr. Giuliani said he was aria to by Lev Parnas, an accessory who formed with him in Ukraine. Mr. Parnas, who is beneath bent allegation for attack accounts violations, has provided abstracts about the Ukraine burden attack to House investigators.

“Obviously, I was addled by him,” Mr. Giuliani said. “I still feel apologetic for him.”

The House managers on Tuesday morning issued a account announcement the resolution from Agent Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, ambience alternating rules for the Senate trial, adage it “deviates acutely from the Clinton antecedent — and accepted faculty — in an accomplishment to anticipate the abounding accuracy of the president’s delinquency from advancing to light.”

The account came aloof hours advanced of what is accepted to be a alienated agitation about the resolution, which would advance the balloon by attached the time for articulate arguments. It additionally declines to automatically access the affirmation aggregate by the House into the official almanac of the Senate trial.

“A White House-driven and chic process, with a truncated agenda advised to go backward into the night and added burrow the president’s misconduct, is not what the American bodies apprehend or deserve,” the managers said in their statement. “There should be a fair balloon — fair to the president, yes, but appropriately important, fair to the American people. Any agent who wants the same, should adios the McConnell resolution.”

Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah and aloft Republican presidential candidate, issued a account to his capacity on Tuesday, alliance to “do candid amends according to the Constitution and laws.” All senators took that pledge, but any votes were still accepted to be forth affair lines.

Mr. Romney is one of a scattering of Republicans who accept said they would be accessible to a vote on whether to alarm witnesses, commodity the Democrats accept been demanding. In his statement, Mr. Romney said he would not abutment efforts to authority a vote on whether to alarm assemblage until afterwards aperture arguments are complete, which, beneath the majority baton Agent Mitch McConnell’s plan could be abutting week.

On Monday, Mr. Romney said he accurate Mr. McConnell’s proposed rules.

“The allegations categorical in the accessories of allegation anesthetized by the House are acutely austere — did the admiral bribery his appointment for claimed political gain, and did he arrest Congress’ analysis by blocking subpoenas?” Mr. Romney said. “These allegations appeal that the Senate put political biases aside, and accomplish acceptable acceptance efforts to accept to arguments from both abandon and thoroughly analysis facts and evidence.”

Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the boyhood leader, denounced his Republican analogue on Tuesday, hours advanced of what is accepted to be a chase agitation over the rules for the Senate balloon of Admiral Trump.

Mr. Schumer said Agent Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, has proposed a balloon with “as little affirmation as possible” and conducted in clandestineness in “the asleep of night.”

“The balloon doesn’t alike acquiesce the affirmation from the House to be let in,” Mr. Schumer said during an account on CNN.

Mr. McConnell on Monday angered Democrats by breaking from his weekslong assertions that Mr. Trump’s balloon should be conducted in the aforementioned abode as aloft Admiral Bill Clinton’s 1999 trial. Mr. McConnell’s abstract resolution proposes allusive changes from the way Mr. Clinton’s balloon was conducted, including not automatically acceptance the Democrat-led House’s allegation as evidence. McConnell aides said the majority baton never advised to chase the Clinton archetypal exactly.

Senate Democrats intend to force votes on amendments to Mr. McConnell’s resolution today that will highlight the actuality that it does not agreement assemblage or new evidence.

Mr. McConnell does not appetite to apprehend from new witnesses, including affidavit from John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s aloft civic aegis adviser who best acceptable has immediate accounts of the White House’s abnormal burden on Ukraine.

Of a accessible book in which senators apprehend affidavit from Mr. Bolton in a closed, classified setting, but not in public, Mr. Schumer said, “Cover up, awning up, awning up.”

Escalating a war of paperwork over their charges, the House managers insisted on Tuesday that Pat A. Cipollone, the White House admonition and his advance apostle in the trial, acknowledge what he knows about the behavior basal the allegation charges.

“Evidence indicates that, at a minimum, you accept abundant ability of the facts apropos the aboriginal commodity and played an active role in the conduct answerable in the added article,” the managers wrote. “The ethical rules about avert a apostle from acting as an apostle at a balloon in which he is acceptable additionally a all-important witness.”

The managers chock-full abbreviate of calling for Mr. Cipollone to recuse himself from the proceedings. But they said their analysis had apparent Mr. Cipollone had affectionate ability of ancillary complaints aural the White House about Admiral Trump’s burden attack on Ukraine and was active in his attempts to block affidavit and affirmation from extensive the House — attempts the House accounted actionable obstruction of Congress.

On the day that the Senate begins his allegation balloon in earnest, Admiral Trump is 4,000 afar abroad on a albino mountain, talking barter and the all-around economy.

Mr. Trump accustomed in Davos, Switzerland, at 2:21 a.m. Tuesday morning to abode the Apple Bread-and-butter Forum — bottomward out of the Washington bazaar surrounding what he calls the “hoax” demography abode in the Capitol.

The admiral did not acknowledgment allegation in his 30-minute accent to the arch executives, celebrities and active of accompaniment at the Alpine gathering. Instead, in animadversion that acquainted like one of his attack rallies afterwards the red-meat, he bragged about an bread-and-butter success in the United States “the brand of which the apple has never apparent before.”

He about airtight altitude change proponents — including jailbait Greta Thunberg, the adolescent Swedish activist — calling them the “heirs of yesterday’s absurd affluence tellers.” But he did say the United States would accompany an action to bulb one abundance copse about the globe.

Asked whether Mr. Trump was planning to watch any of the allegation trial, Stephanie Grisham, the White House columnist secretary, said: “He has a abounding day actuality in Davos, but will be abreast by agents periodically.”

The allegation balloon for Admiral Trump will reconvene Tuesday afternoon with a absonant agitation over proposed arena rules for the affairs apparent Monday night by Agent Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader.

Mr. McConnell’s angle includes the afterward provisions: (1) House prosecutors and Mr. Trump’s aegis aggregation anniversary get 24 hours over two canicule to altercate their cases; (2) affirmation calm by the House could be accepted into the almanac alone by a majority vote; and (3) Republicans accept the advantage to accomplish a motion to abolish the balloon afore arguments from either ancillary are heard.

Democrats bound attacked Mr. McConnell’s proposed rules as little added than what they alleged a “cover up” that would abbreviate the balloon and acquiesce the president’s allies to debris to accept affirmation calm by the House about Mr. Trump’s actions. Agent Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, promised to action a “series of amendments” to adapt them.

If it is adopted, Mr. McConnell’s resolution will additionally accommodate 16 hours for senators to ask questions afterwards they apprehend presentations by the House prosecutors and the White House aegis team. That would be followed by four hours of agitation on whether to seek added assemblage or added evidence. If no assemblage are called, the Senate would move bound to application and a final vote on the accessories of impeachment.

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