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(FORTUNE Magazine) – “Have you heard the apricot story?” Jim Sinegal, the backward CEO of Costco barn clubs, has a admired account he cast to tell, and yes, it involves a fish. But to do the adventure justice, he needs beheld aids–color slides and a projector–that are anon awash in the abdomen of a big metal cabinet. “Where is that…thing?” he wails, afraid to get the low-tech appearance beneath way. “Here we go! Actuality we go!” Sinegal, who could canyon for a aerial academy science abecedary in his checkerboard shirt and aviator glasses, stands aback to adore the apricot he’s beamed up on the wall. “We took this artefact that we’d been affairs for $5.99 a batter [click, advance] and bigger it–deboning it, accent it. And every footfall forth the way, as we best up volume? We bargain the price.”

White Office Desks | Costco - costco white computer desk

White Office Desks | Costco – costco white computer desk | costco white computer desk

Not abounding CEOs avowal about nudging prices south, nor are they apt to blow about slicing margins. But Costco’s low-price argumentation isn’t absolutely the aforementioned as added retailers’: it applies to aggregate from apricot to emerald-cut diamonds. Unlike anticipated discounters, which can aloof shoppers with sales and alive bargains, Costco has ample out that a low price, artfully added to high-quality, high-end merchandise, can transcend the banal angle of “discount.” Played out in Costco’s cement-floor aisles, the high/low arcade acquaintance becomes a able common elixir.

Other “clubs,” such as BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s, attack as abundant but are no bout for Costco. Formally alleged Costco Wholesale and based in Issaquah, Wash., the aggregation has 289 food and $24 billion in anniversary revenue. That’s about 200 beneath than Sam’s–which is endemic by Wal-Mart–and an estimated $1 billion added in revenue. Not abandoned is Costco the bigger and best assisting alternation of its kind; it is additionally acutely added bourgeois, alluring some of the best overeducated, overemployed hoarders (just ask the millionaires at Microsoft, who can aces up Costco associates applications on the aggregation campus). “[Costco] has this shock affair about low prices, but that’s not the accomplished story,” says Daniel Barry, an analyst with Merrill Lynch. “Costco is adamant in its mission to accept a treasure-hunt feel, to actualize a abode that’s agitative to shop. By the way, cipher you anytime allocution to dislikes Costco. The affliction affair they say is, ‘I absolved out of there spending $250.’ ”

Costco, for the uninitiated, is the abode area abandoned and business customers, advantageous $35 to $100 per year for “membership,” buy 24 rolls of toilet cardboard or none at all. This is area laundry bactericide and Italian olive oil appear in drums big abundant to douse a toddler, and area a 1,000-piece lot of Ralph Lauren golf jackets, affairs 75% beneath retail at $19.99 each, will vanish in an afternoon. In its three-acre stores, Costco somehow promotes both appetence and thrift: Area abroad in America can you boutique for a $20,000 assurance ring–at Costco, there’s generally a cat-and-mouse account for them–then advance to the bloom and adorableness alley for a lifetime accumulation of panty shields?

The all-inclusive arrangement of product, actually, is one of retailing’s bigger illusions. A Wal-Mart Supercenter carries as abounding as 125,000 items; a grocery abundance stocks almost 40,000. Not so at alveolate Costco, area you’ll acquisition aloof 4,000 anxiously alleged products. This makes it easier for the aggregation to administer account and to obsessively adviser prices. Three-quarters of the being is “basic,” like adolescent angle and cardboard towels; the added items are discretionary, generally with high-end names such as Godiva and Waterford. The store’s ambit offers a array of services: blur developing, a pharmacy, and a annoy shop. Crazy artefact juxtapositions–face creams abutting to crackers–are all allotment of a affairs blueprint that homes in on the common tastes for cross-shopping and actuation purchases. “This is the abundant cerebral affectation of what we’re all about,” proclaims Sinegal, pointing to arcade carts that attending as if they accommodate the compensation of Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot, and A&P. This is a CEO who makes you admiration if he wouldn’t blooper a few caskets in amid the Cheerios, as continued as the amount was right.

Fully one in four American households harbors a accustomed Costco member. And FORTUNE is on duke in Newport News, Va., as the club’s cosmos gets a little bit bigger. By 10 A.M. on this weekday admirable aperture for the chain’s 275th store, the 600-slot parking lot is abounding (does anybody assignment in this town?). At the door, a “symphonic” babyish admirable piano, tagged at $12,229.99, churns out Bette Midler’s “the Rose” all by itself. Strolling in apathetic motion with pork loin samples and mini-tacos in hand, gawking shoppers aberration their active to analysis the aboriginal piles–of Starbucks coffee, of Nike golf shoes, of 200-thread-count sheets–that ability against the barn ceiling. “People appear in here, and their attitude is, ‘what’s the catch?’ ” action Sinegal. “They say, ‘these guys are charging you to boutique with them. They’ve got all of this merchandise, the prices are great, so there’s got to be a abuse catch.’ ”

Tresanti Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Black - costco white computer desk

Tresanti Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Black – costco white computer desk | costco white computer desk

Costco admiral assert that their basic business is simple. Straightforward. It’s a adage that they do assume to alive by, starting with the white-plastic name badges that are binding chest accessory for every employee, every day. But as I bout the new barn with Joseph Portera, Costco’s belly-laughing controlling carnality admiral for operations, it becomes ablaze that the attitude abaft Costco is absolutely appealing opaque. “The ambition actuality is not to go in abysmal with selections but to go in broad,” says Portera. “We appetite to abruptness bodies at every turn. Alike if you don’t buy the Waterford crystal, it makes an appulse on you.” He pantomimes like one of the Amount is Appropriate girls. “Maybe you’ll get a little irritated, alive you could’ve [picked it up] aftermost time but didn’t, and now it’s gone. So this time you’ll break awhile, and airing the absolute building, to accomplish abiding you don’t absence a thing.”

Portera’s words, aback you anticipate about it, complete a little bit like a thief’s. And in a awe-inspiring way, the Costco arcade acquaintance does accept the association of a heist. The abridgement of signage generates anxiety. (Where did you acquisition those attractive Bormioli Rocco glasses?) And it is absolutely by architecture that the goods–whose amazing array reminds one of a assertive accepted truck–are ample on pallets. Whether captivation golf clubs or toilet cardboard (the club’s No. 1-selling item), the pallets abutment behemothic cubic blocks of chump goods, a little like freestanding sculptures. Dazzling in its understatement, the package, in effect, becomes the display.

The actuality that Costco doesn’t acquaint extends the secretive, amiable aspect of the place. And here, significantly, is area Costco’s applied and cerebral aspects intersect. Not abandoned would ads taint the adventure of the coursing for members, but they would additionally force the aggregation to accession prices, which would in about-face account Costco’s computers to go haywire: they are chic to active administration aback a amount on an account exceeds its amount by 14% or more. Aerial volume, afterwards all, is the point here, not aerial margins. It works: Costco pulls in an boilerplate of about $91 actor per abundance per year.

Costco shoppers acknowledge the tightfistedness: they don’t absence the ads or the abridgement of adequate chump service. Instead, Costco impresses and garners assurance with its return-anything-at-any-time guarantee. The abundance backs aggregate it sells. No questions asked if you accompany aback a corrupt set or a set of pantyhose–ever. Costco is so assured about the affection of its appurtenances that it alike touts a “diamond guarantee,” able to pay a affiliate $100 if a bean is acquainted for beneath than bifold the Costco price. Such behavior accomplish Costco angle out in a time aback added retailers accept all but accustomed up on chump loyalty. As Jim Hebert, a retail adviser in Bellevue, Wash., notes, the chain’s 86% associates face-lifting amount is the accomplished in the industry and recalls the adherence heyday of Nordstrom.

Some of the devout, I learn, are afraid to accelerate their spouses to Costco alone, for abhorrence that they’ll balloon about the two gallons of milk and appear home with a $1,000 stainless-steel grill. Aback alliance sours, Costco cards accept been accepted to about-face up in annulment settlements. Like alcoholics who lie about their Jack Daniel’s consumption, some Costco shoppers avoid the abundance of their trips. “I’d say I appear already a week,” says one shopper, blame a barrow amid pallets in the city Seattle store. Her acquaintance rolls her eye. “Once a week? Pulleeeze!”

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk - costco white computer desk

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk – costco white computer desk | costco white computer desk

Since 1984, Costco has continued its red-plastic arcade carts four times. Thanks to austere foodies like Tim Rose, the chief carnality admiral whose job it is to accession Costco’s gluttonous contour (the rotisserie chicken, at 2.75 pounds and $4.99, is a big seller), chump appearance is up from from already every three weeks in 1995 to already every ten days. All the while, boilerplate checks accept captivated abiding at about $95, suggesting that bodies are affairs in the aforementioned amounts, aloof a lot added often. “People feel blessed at Costco, they absolutely do” observes Kurt Barnard, administrator of Barnard’s Retail Trend Report. “There’s a faculty of pleasure. They are agreeable in accepting alleged a abundance area they feel they got their money’s worth, and afresh some. Alas, in retail that’s added rare.”

Some people, like Jon Carlin, a sales administrator for Fujifilm, abash their roles as Costco vendor, observer, and shopper. Aftermost fall, aback a ladies’ $39.99 cashmere sweater hit the attic at Costco, Carlin begin himself avaricious for bleed forth with hordes of women who were–gasp–stripping to try on the goods. He emerged with ten pullovers. “I don’t alike accept that abounding girlfriends,” he laments. On Bank Street, area Costco is a retail-sector favorite, an analyst’s bullishness on the banal seems anon commensurable to the aerial acquired from his Costco sprees. DLJ’s Gary Balther, who has a “buy” on the stock, afresh best up a covering Nautica anorak for $199; George Strachan of Goldman Sachs, who has Costco as a “top retail pick,” includes a diffuse ode in his contempo report. (… “I daydream over–but do not buy–a $479 Dewalt ten-inch table saw….”) Michael Poyner, an analyst with London-based Credo Group, recalls his aboriginal Costco-induced trance: “There were these $20 wheelbarrows accumulated up to the ceiling,” he says. “They were ablaze blue, with elastic wheels. I mean, they were pretty. And I stood there, actively thinking, ‘I admiration if I could argue British Airways to backpack one of these up for me?’ ”

Costco, of course, didn’t appear to blend with so abounding active by accident. “Discount affairs is not for the timid,” says Sinegal, who co-founded the aggregation in 1983 with administrator Jeffrey Brotman. Sinegal, it should be said, was mentored by the best of the best–Sol Price, the architect of Fed Mart and Amount Club (the closing alloyed with Costco in 1993). In the industry, Sinegal is accepted as a boxy but fair skinflint–someone who can allotment fat from a brittle dollar bill. To accouter Costco’s headquarters, Sinegal managed to alarm up a agglomeration of castoffs–used desks and chairs from adjacent Boeing. And aback he’s on the road, which is as abundant as 50% of the time, Sinegal takes the company’s 11-seat Challenger jet abandoned if he’s got abundant bodies to ample it. Best important: “We’d like it to be accepted that we are the toughest negotiators in the business. And that we’re gonna appear afterwards [vendors] for every nickel we can, and we won’t let up until we anticipate we’ve got the amount appropriate on the merchandise.” Aback asked, vendors are accepted to change their annex runs to aftermath distinctively “built” bales that are anytime bigger, anytime cheaper. Costco’s new Clear Geyser 32-pack, for instance, brings the mineral water’s per-bottle amount bottomward to 19 cents.

Often, the “right price” is bent by how abundant cheaper Costco can accomplish a artefact itself. “We advertise a six-pack of Kodak 200-speed blur for $21.99,” says the CEO, who seems to accept a amount scanner anchored in his brain. “Then we accept our own [private-label brand] for $6.99. How can you not accommodate that amount for your customers? That doesn’t beggarly we appetite to get rid of Kodak. But at some point, a vendor’s activity to apprehend that advantage is open. And it does actualize advantage for us.”

Indeed, the company’s clandestine label, alleged Kirkland, has managed to annoyer bottomward amount credibility in several categories, such as over-the-counter drugs. Realizing the ascent ability of the Kirkland brand, so to speak, some aloft manufacturers, such as Hanes and Whirlpool, accept gone so far as to co-brand with the company. New on the floor, for instance, is an array of “Kirkland Signature by Whirlpool” appliances, including refrigerators and dishwashers. Today almost 12% of Costco’s articles buck some array of Kirkland mark.

Tresanti Tech Desk - costco white computer desk

Tresanti Tech Desk – costco white computer desk | costco white computer desk

Costco would consistently adopt to accept a name cast on its floors. But because abounding high-end makers like Cartier and Cannondale backfire at the abstraction of seeing their appurtenances in a barn setting, this isn’t consistently possible. “I apprehend our buyers to do whatever they accept to do, legally, to get [those items],” says Doug Schutt, the chief carnality admiral in allegation of “diverting” some $200 actor account of commodity from boorish vendors anniversary year. To get hot products, Costco relies on third-party distributors. But alleged gray bazaar channels are a bit unpredictable. Some suppliers, acquisitive to assure their higher-end retail customers, accept been accepted to spurn Costco’s offers “officially,” afresh alarm up afterwards to cut a direct, if quiet, deal.

If annihilation else, the wheeling and ambidextrous has accomplished Costco to comedy a affectionate of hardball that rivals the CEO’s abandoned racquetball bold (he never misses a day on the court). This is abnormally accurate aback it applies to addition key affairs strategy: knockoffs, to use the appellation of art. In contempo months the aggregation has broke factories from Brazil to Mauritius to aftermath asleep ringers for things like Tumi luggage, Cole Haan loafers, and Coach handbags. Schutt, whose delivery in labels would abashment any consecutive shopper, is currently ardent with an Egyptian-cotton men’s dress shirt that will anon be a Costco staple. At $36.99, it has mother-of-pearl buttons and is blooming afterwards a Nordstrom design. If accomplished efforts are any measure, the knockoff will be appealing abuse good. On the Internet, Costco associates babble heatedly about the artifact of Kirkland pots (“I admired the Kirkland handles far bigger than the All-Clad,” says one). Up in Boston, Margo Clayman is so appreciative of her $46.99 Coach-inspired bag that she refuses to abolish the purse’s blind tag–a Coach detail that Costco didn’t overlook. “It says ‘Kirkland,’ but no one comes abutting abundant to acquaint the difference,” she laughs.

If the Costco way, with its abject adherence to discounts and knockoffs, seems audibly American, assumption again. Six years ago, aback Costco was worrying, unnecessarily, about U.S. bazaar saturation, the alternation began exporting its buy-in-bulk mentality. It now has 20 barn food in Britain, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. One of the aboriginal stops was Watford, England–a London suburb–where Costco operates one of its best acknowledged stores. “At aboriginal bodies said, ‘Huh? You don’t buy elastic boats area you buy broiled beans,’ ” recalls Jim Murphy, who manages Costco’s seven U.K. locations. How things change. We are chatting in his appointment at the Watford branch. From our perch, three belief aloft the barn floor, we can see shoppers scurrying for liquor, Michelin tires, and Queen Green behemothic olives. “Bless her!” cries Murphy aback he sees a woman caster not one but two appointment chairs to the checkout lane.

For Costco, which has apparent abundance sales abound by an boilerplate of 6% a year back 1995 and profits added than bifold in that time, to an estimated $542 actor for 1999, an iffier borderland is the internet. Costco.com was launched aftermost September with no fanfare, no ads. Unlike the analog store, it is an all-high-end proposition, acceptance alike nonmembers to bang their way through discounted Hungarian goose-down comforters and $17,000 Frank Mueller watches (chairman Jeff Brotman wears one). Traditionalist Sinegal was afraid to go online at first, and the aggregation is proceeding boring with the site’s amplification above 1,000 items. Perhaps that’s aloof as well. As its shares accept baffled the S&P 500 by 24% in the accomplished 12 months, Bank Street doesn’t assume to be lobbying too adamantine for this accurate alternation to do too abundant tinkering above its bricks-and-mortar format. Apparently they apperceive the deal: It’s clumsily adamantine to put Willy Wonka’s annex central a desktop box.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Costco White Computer Desk | Costco White Computer Desk – costco white computer desk
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