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At 2:28 pm on August 28, 2003, a middle-aged pizza deliveryman alleged Brian Wells absolved into a PNC Coffer in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had a abbreviate pikestaff in his appropriate duke and a aberrant appendage below the collar of his T-shirt. Wells, 46 and balding, anesthetized the teller a note. “Gather advisers with admission codes to basement and assignment fast to ample bag with $250,000,” it said. “You accept alone 15 minutes.” Afresh he aerial his shirt to acknowledge a heavy, boxlike accessory dangling from his neck. According to the note, it was a bomb. The teller, who told Wells there was no way to get into the basement at that time, abounding a bag with cash—$8,702—and handed it over. Wells absolved out, sucking on a Dum Dum lollipop he affective from the counter, hopped into his car, and accumulating off. He didn’t get far. Some 15 annual later, accompaniment troopers spotted Wells continuing alfresco his Geo Metro in a adjacent parking lot, amidst him, and tossed him to the pavement, cuffing his easily abaft his back.

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Wells told the troopers that while out on a commitment he had been accosted by a accumulation of atramentous men who chained the bomb about his close at gunpoint and affected him to rob the bank. “It’s gonna go off!” he told them in desperation. “I’m not lying.” The admiral alleged the bomb band and took positions abaft their cars, accoutrements drawn. TV camera crews accustomed and began filming. For 25 annual Wells remained built-in on the pavement, his legs coiled below him.

“Did you alarm my boss?” Wells asked a trooper at one point, allegedly anxious that his employer would anticipate he was abstention his duties. Suddenly, the accessory started to afford an accelerating beeping noise. Wells fidgeted. It looked like he was aggravating to abscond backward, to somehow escape the bomb beggared to his neck. Beep… Beep… Beep. Boom! The accessory detonated, advertisement him berserk assimilate his aback and ripping a 5-inch cleft in his chest. The pizza deliveryman took a few aftermost gasps and died on the pavement. It was 3:18 pm. The bomb band accustomed three annual later.

The badge began allocation through a accession of concrete evidence. In Wells’ car, they apparent the 2-foot-long cane, which angry out to be an ingeniously crafted bootleg gun. The bomb itself was additionally a curiosity of DIY architecture and construction. The accessory consisted of two parts: a triple-banded metal collar with four keyholes and a three-digit aggregate lock, and an adamant box absolute two 6-inch aqueduct bombs loaded with double-base smokeless powder. The hinged collar bound about Wells’ close like a behemothic handcuff. Board could acquaint that it had been congenital application able tools. The accessory additionally independent two Sunbeam kitchen timers and one cyberbanking admission timer. It had affairs active through it that affiliated to nothing—decoys to bandy off ambitious disablers—and stickers abode ambiguous warnings. The accoutrement was a addle in and of itself.

The best abstract and arresting pieces of evidence, though, were the handwritten addendum that board begin central Wells’ car. Addressed to the “Bomb Hostage,” the addendum instructed Wells to rob the coffer of $250,000, afresh coursing a set of circuitous instructions to acquisition assorted keys and aggregate codes hidden throughout Erie. It independent drawings, threats, and abundant maps. If Wells did as he was told, the instructions promised, he’d wind up with the keys and the aggregate appropriate to chargeless him from the bomb. Failure or defiance would aftereffect in assertive death. “There is alone one way you can survive and that is to abet completely,” the addendum apprehend in authentic book that would afterwards balk autography analysis. “This powerful, booby-trapped bomb can be removed alone by afterward our instructions… ACT NOW, THINK LATER OR YOU WILL DIE!” It seemed that whoever planned the robbery had additionally complete a awful scavenger coursing for Wells, in which the award-winning was his life.

In the agitated hours afterwards Wells was killed, the cops approved commutual the coursing themselves. The aboriginal agenda was aboveboard enough: “Exit the coffer with the money and go to the McDonald’s resturaunt [sic],” it read. “Get out of the car and go to the baby assurance annual drive thru/open 24 hr in the annual bed. By the sign, there is a bedrock with a agenda taped to the bottom. It has your abutting instructions.” Wells accumulating beeline there afterwards he larboard the coffer with the bag of cash. He retrieved a two-page agenda from the annual bed, which directed him up Peach Street to a abounding breadth several afar away, breadth a alembic with orange band would authority the abutting set of instructions. Wells was bent afore he got to that clue, but the board best up the thread, analysis the alembic with the orange tape. In it, they begin a agenda administering them 2 afar south to a baby alley sign, breadth the abutting clue would be cat-and-mouse in a jar in the dupe nearby. Aback they got there, they begin the jar, but it was empty. Whoever had set this cadaverous affliction in motion, it seemed, had alleged it off already the cops had appeared—and had apparently been watching them every footfall of the way.

Wells’ accouterment added addition band of intrigue. He died cutting two T-shirts, the alien one emblazoned with a Assumption accouterment logo. Wells wasn’t cutting the shirt at assignment that morning, and his ancestors said it wasn’t his. It appeared to be a taunt: Can you assumption who is abaft this?

That was aloof one of the questions that abashed investigators. What, for instance, was the purpose of the scavenger hunt? Why accelerate a earnest bent about Erie in ample daylight? Why besprinkle clues in accessible locations breadth they ability be discovered? How was Wells alleged to be the hostage?

The bomb was chic such that any attack to abolish it would set it off.Photo: Erie Federal Courthouse; Erie Bureau of Police; Newscom

The riddles absorbed the burghal of Erie and drew annual in newspapers from St. Louis to Sydney. It additionally set in motion a byzantine investigation, with federal agents sniffing out clues and hunting bottomward leads in askance afterward of the atramentous bent who came to be accepted as the Collar Bomber. For seven years, the FBI was affianced in a scavenger coursing of its own, one that the Collar Bomber seemed to accept planned as intricately as the one that had bound Wells. The alone catechism was whether the Feds would get any added than Wells had.

The coursing began at Mama Mia’s Pizza-Ria. That’s breadth Wells was alive at 1:30 pm on the day of the robbery, aback an adjustment came in for two baby sausage-and-pepperoni pies to be delivered to a breadth on the outskirts of the city. Wells was a loyal employee—in 10 years, the alone time he had alleged in backward for assignment was aback his cat died. Alike admitting he was at the end of his shift, he agreed to bear the order. He absolved out of the shop, two pies in hand, at about 2 pm.

Wells entered the coffer with this able handmade gun bearded as a cane.Photo: Michael Schmeling

The commitment location, attainable alone by a clay road, was a TV manual belfry armpit in a abounding breadth off of active Peach Street. Aback board combed the vicinity, they apparent shoe prints constant with Wells’ cossack and annoy advance analogous the treads on his Geo Metro. But the armpit offered no clues as to who may accept absorbed him there or what happened already he arrived.

The abutting day, a anchorman and a columnist for the Erie Times-News headed to the tower. The clay alley arch there was cordoned off by authorities, but the journalists spotted a tall, beefy man in denim Carhartt overalls pacing in advanced of a home that sat appropriate abutting to it. His backyard connected about to the manual tower. The man articular himself as Bill Rothstein.

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Rothstein, 59, was an bachelor handyman and a constant citizen of the area. He batten elegantly, like addition who takes abundant pride in his ability of the English language. (He was additionally chatty in French and Hebrew.) Rothstein seemed absent to the analysis advance above his backyard. The journalists, acquisitive to get a appearance of the scene, asked Rothstein if he could advance them through his yard. He agreed. They headed into the blubbery besom but still couldn’t see much. Afterwards spending about 15 annual at Rothstein’s place, they took off.

Bill Rothstein may accept appeared to be aloof a man who endemic a abode abutting to a TV tower. But he angry out to be ambuscade a aphotic secret. On September 20, beneath than a ages afterwards the bomb asleep Wells, Rothstein alleged 911. “At 8645 Peach Street, in the garage, there is a arctic body,” he told the badge dispatcher, apropos to his own address. “It’s in the freezer.”

Within hours of authoritative the call, Rothstein was in custody. He told the cops that he had been in affliction for weeks. He had advised killing himself, he told them, and had gone so far as to address a suicide note, which board begin central a board at his home. Writing in atramentous marker, Rothstein bidding his affliction “to those who cared for or about me,” articular the anatomy in his freezer as that of Jim Roden, and acclaimed that he “did not annihilate him, nor participate in his death.” The agenda opened with a analytical disclaimer: “This has annihilation to do with the Wells case.”

Bill Rothstein was a handyman with the abilities to assemble an busy atomic device.Photo: Erie Federal Courthouse; Erie Bureau of Police; Newscom

Over the abutting two days, Rothstein explained to badge how a asleep man came to be in his freezer. In mid-August, he said, he’d accustomed a buzz alarm from an ex-girlfriend, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, whom he had anachronous in the 1960s and aboriginal 1970s. Diehl-Armstrong told him she had attack her chambermaid boyfriend, James Roden, in the aback with a Remington 12-gauge shotgun, in a altercation over money. Now she bare advice removing the anatomy and charwoman up the arena central her Erie home, about 10 afar from Rothstein’s place. Rothstein did what she asked. He kept the anatomy in a chest freezer in his barn for bristles weeks. He agilely broiled bottomward the annihilation weapon and broadcast the pieces about Erie County. But, Rothstein said, he couldn’t go through with the plan to bullwork up the body, and he alleged 911 because he was abashed of what Diehl-Armstrong ability do to him.

On September 21—the day afterwards Rothstein alleged 911—Diehl-Armstrong was arrested for the annihilation of Roden. Sixteen months later, in January 2005, she pleaded accusable but mentally ill and was bedevilled to seven to 20 years in accompaniment prison. But by that time, Rothstein was able caring about the old adherent he’d accustomed up to the cops: He had died of lymphoma in July 2004.

The aggregation of federal agents investigating the collar bomb abstruseness hadn’t been advantageous abundant absorption to the Roden murder. It was a bounded amount and seemed to accept annihilation to do with their case. But in April 2005, they got a buzz alarm from a accompaniment badge administrator who had aloof met with Diehl-Armstrong about an different homicide. Rothstein’s suicide note, it seemed, was a lie; Diehl-Armstrong had said that Roden’s annihilation had aggregate to do with the collar bomb plot. Aback the Feds met with Diehl-Armstrong, she told them that, if they could align a alteration from Muncy accompaniment penitentiary to the minimum-security bastille in Cambridge Springs, a ability abundant afterpiece to Erie, she would acquaint them aggregate she knew.

Even afore she was arrested for killing Roden, Diehl-Armstrong was one of Erie’s best belled figures, able-bodied accepted for her cord of asleep lovers. She aboriginal drew accessible absorption in 1984 when, at 35, she was answerable with murdering her boyfriend, Robert Thomas. Diehl-Armstrong claimed she attack him six times in self-defense, and a board eventually acquitted her. Four years later, her husband, Richard Armstrong, died of a bookish hemorrhage. The afterlife was disqualified accidental, but questions lingered; Armstrong had a arch abrasion aback he accustomed at the hospital, but the case was never forwarded to the coroner’s office.

Back in aerial school, according to above classmates, Diehl-Armstrong was accepted for her admirable intelligence, and she still bedevilled an about all-embracing ability of literature, history, and the law. But over the years, that accuracy had become acicular with madness. According to cloister records, she suffered from bipolar disorder. Her moods swung sharply, and she appeared clumsy to ascendancy her nonstop, accelerated speech. She was batty and narcissistic. In 1984, board begin 400 pounds of adulate and added than 700 pounds of cheese, about all of it rotting, central her trash-strewn house. Psychiatrists accounted her mentally amateur seven times afore a adjudicator assuredly disqualified she was fit to be approved in the Thomas case.

She seemed to be absolutely the affectionate of person—murderous, eccentric, and absorbed on demonstrating her bookish gifts—who ability devise an anytime complicated coffer heist. She additionally seemed to be the affectionate of actuality who would acceptable be clumsy to stop herself from cogent the apple about her ablaze ruse.

Evidence calm over the advance of the circuitous investigation: a Remington shotgun shell.Photo: Michael Schmeling

When Diehl-Armstrong met with federal board for a alternation of interviews, that’s absolutely what she appeared to be doing. While she insisted that she was not in any way circuitous in the plot, she accepted that she knew about it, that she had supplied the kitchen timers that were acclimated in the bomb, and that she was aural a mile of the coffer at the time of the robbery. She additionally said that Wells, the asleep pizza commitment guy, was not aloof a victim but had been in on the plan. And so was Rothstein, the man who angry her in for Roden’s murder. In fact, she asserted, he had masterminded the able thing.

But alike as Diehl-Armstrong acicular the feel at Rothstein, she was implicating herself. Indeed, alike afore audition her atoning testimony, board had amorphous to doubtable that Diehl-Armstrong was abaft the collar bomb plot. Over the antecedent weeks, they had met with four abstracted informants who appear that Diehl-Armstrong had talked about the abomination in affectionate detail. One kept addendum of the conversations, which included Diehl-Armstrong’s assertions that she asleep Roden because “he was activity to acquaint about the robbery” and that she had helped admeasurement Wells’ close for the bomb.

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Then, in backward 2005, a few months afterwards Diehl-Armstrong aboriginal talked to the Feds, they accustomed addition breach in the case: A attestant came advanced to say that an ex-television repairman angry able banker alleged Kenneth Barnes was additionally involved. Barnes, an old fishing associate of Diehl-Armstrong, had appear too advisedly about the plan, and his brother-in-law had angry him in while Barnes was already in bastille on different biologic charges. Threatened with alike added time abaft bars, Barnes agreed to a deal: He would accord a abounding annual of the abomination in barter for a bargain sentence.

Barnes accepted the Feds’ acceptance that Diehl-Armstrong was the administrator abaft the collar bomb plot. He claimed she bare the banknote so that she could pay him to annihilate her father, who she believed was alarming through his fortune—money she accepted to inherit. Barnes insisted he was kept in the aphotic about several aspects of the plot. But alike with holes, his annual corroborated abundant of what the agents had already heard. The investigation, finally, was accepting steam.

On February 10, 2006, federal agents met afresh with Diehl-Armstrong, who had brought her attorney. The agents told Diehl-Armstrong they had abundant affirmation to accompany an allegation adjoin her. She went ballistic, slamming her anchor on a appointment table and cursing out the agents and her lawyer. But, incredibly, she connected to allege with them. In a consecutive meeting, she alike agreed to drive about Erie with them to point out breadth she was the day Wells beggared the bank. At the cessation of the drive, in which she accepted to actuality at several locations affiliated to the crime, Diehl-Armstrong told the agents she wouldn’t accommodate any added advice afterwards accepting an amnesty letter. It was too late. The woman who couldn’t stop talking had already said far too much.

In July 2007, a ages shy of the four-year ceremony of Wells’ afterlife by collar bomb, the US attorney’s appointment in Erie alleged a account appointment about “a above development” in the case. Continuing afore a coffer of TV cameras, US advocate Mary Beth Buchanan appear that the analysis was over. Diehl-Armstrong and Barnes were answerable with accustomed out the amazing crime—a artifice that Diehl-Armstrong had put into motion. The allegation additionally answerable that added conspirators were involved. Rothstein was one. And Wells, the declared victim, was another. Pulling calm advice adopted from added than a thousand interviews over about four years, the allegation answerable that Wells was in on the arrangement from the beginning. He had agreed to rob the coffer cutting what he anticipation was a affected bomb. The scavenger hunt, he was told, was artlessly a angle to fool the cops; if he got caught, he could point to the alarming instructions as affirmation that he was alone afterward orders.

But over time, Buchanan said, Wells went from actuality a artist to “an afraid participant.” At some point, instead of alone arena the allotment of a hostage, Wells was double-crossed and absolutely became one. The affected bomb angry out to be a absolute one. And the scavenger coursing went from a able allotment of misdirection to a real-life coursing adjoin the clock. Sitting in the columnist section, Wells’ ancestors seemed stunned. One of his sisters, Barbara White, afresh shrieked “Liar!” as Buchanan completed her statement.

Wells’ ancestors weren’t the alone ones who were dubious. For those who carefully tracked the case, the government’s long-awaited advertisement was acutely unsatisfying. It seemed to abet as abounding questions as it answered. Why would Wells participate in such a plot? Did he apprehend the crisis that he was in? And could Diehl-Armstrong, with her countless brainy issues, absolutely plan such a circuitous crime? The questions alone assorted a anniversary later, aback it was appear that the FBI had assured that the absolute scavenger coursing was a hoax. The bomb was chic such that any attack to abolish it would set it off. Wells was destined to die.

Barnes pleaded accusable in September 2008 to the cabal and weapons accuse circuitous in the collar bomb plot. He was bedevilled to 45 years abaft bars, but he agreed to affirm adjoin Diehl-Armstrong in the achievement of accepting his book reduced.

More affirmation calm over the advance of the analysis (from left): a basic from the collar bomb and admonition arch the bedevilled victim to an orange-taped alembic in the woods.Photo: Michael Schmeling

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong’s accuracy had become acicular with madness. Batty and narcissistic, her moods swung acutely and she appeared clumsy to ascendancy her nonstop, accelerated speech.Photo: Erie Federal Courthouse; Erie Bureau of Police; Newscom

Diehl-Armstrong’s balloon promised to ablaze up the mysteries that had amidst the collar bomb case. But those revelations would accept to wait. Aboriginal a federal adjudicator disqualified Diehl-Armstrong mentally unfit to angle trial. Aback she assuredly was accounted accessible to face a adjudicator and jury, she was diagnosed with glandular cancer, and the proceeding was put on authority afresh as she accessible her prognosis. The adjudicator accustomed the doctors’ appraisal in August 2010: Diehl-Armstrong had three to seven years to live. Prosecutors autonomous to columnist on, and the balloon was rescheduled for October 12.

Most intriguing, Diehl-Armstrong’s lawyer, Douglas Sughrue, had absitively to let his applicant booty the stand. It seemed to be a chancy move. Afterwards all, she had already active herself in the murder. Was it astute to let such an erratic, capricious personality testify?

On day bristles of the balloon in the Erie Federal Courthouse, Ken Barnes took the stand. By this time, the prosecutor—Marshall Piccinini, a fast-talking, silver-haired abettor US attorney—had already congenital an absorbing case. Summarizing the aberrant characters affiliated to the Wells artifice as a casting of “twisted, intellectually bright, abortive individuals who outsmarted themselves,” Piccinini had trotted out seven above inmates who anecdotal incriminating advice that Diehl-Armstrong had aggregate with them. Barnes—the ex-crack banker and ambitious hit man—was Piccinini’s brilliant witness, and his final one. He was additionally the man who seemed prepared, finally, to acquaint the able adventure of what happened in the canicule arch up to August 28, 2003, the day of the robbery. Barnes, who had the wan face and dispersed accumulating of teeth of the above able aficionado he was, approached the coffer and took the oath. Afresh he sat in the attestant box and artlessly declared the cabal to a absent jury.

Diehl-Armstrong, Barnes said, devised the plan and enlisted a few coconspirators to advice backpack it out. Rothstein was one of them. Wells was another, absorbed in with the affiance of a payday. He absolutely bare the money. It angry out that the quiet pizza man had a accord with a prostitute. With the advice of his pal Barnes, he bought crack, which he afresh gave to the prostitute in barter for sex. But in the weeks afore the robbery, Wells fell into debt with his able dealers and bare cash. It was alone on the afternoon of the crime, aback he delivered the pizzas to the TV manual tower, that Wells able he had been double-crossed and that the bomb was real. He was tackled as he approved to dart abroad and bound into the accessory at gunpoint.

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Throughout Barnes’ testimony, Diehl-Armstrong angrily aside to her attorney. Several times she blurted out “Liar!” cartoon ascetic warnings from the judge. To all appearances, it was acute for her to accept to bodies like this discredit her.

On October 26, the eighth day of the trial, Diehl-Armstrong assuredly got the befalling to acquaint her adaptation of events. For bristles and a bisected hours over two days, she acclimated the attestant angle as her stage. Her bouncing atramentous beard looked anointed and clung to the abandon of her face. Every time she opened her mouth, she unleashed a torrent of words. She ridiculed her lawyer: “That’s a brainless question, Mr. Sughrue.” She belittled the prosecutor: “If this is the affectionate of affirmation you accept adjoin me, I’m cogent you, this is a abject case.” She cried. She yelled. Added than 50 times, the adjudicator sought—often futilely—to cut her off.

During her aboriginal day on the stand, she mentioned Brian Wells alone once, in the final 10 annual of a about 100-minute-long diatribe: “I never met Brian Wells, and I never knew Brian Wells. Never. I became acquainted of him the day that he died. I saw it on the news.”

The board didn’t buy it. Afterwards apperception for 11 hours, the seven women and bristles men alternate accusable verdicts on all three charges: armed coffer robbery, conspiracy, and application a annihilative accessory in a abomination of violence. She could face a binding activity appellation aback she is bedevilled on February 28.

After seven years, the outstanding questions had assuredly been answered. At least, that’s how best assemblage beheld Diehl-Armstrong’s conviction. But that’s not how Jim Fisher sees things. A retired FBI bent investigator, Fisher started carefully tracking the collar bomb case afterwards he saw footage of Wells squirming on the pavement with the accessory acclimatized about his neck. The then-64-year-old bent amends assistant had a activity for baffling crimes, and this was one of the best amazing he had anytime seen. He obsessively pored over the media advantage of the case and advised every allotment of affirmation appear by the FBI. And, according to Fisher, there is no way that Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong planned the collar bomb caper.

For proof, Fisher credibility to a contour of the Collar Bomber produced by the FBI’s Behavioral Assay Unit. “It continues to be the assessment of the [department] that this is abundant added than a bald coffer robbery,” it reads. “The behavior apparent in this abomination was choreographed by ‘Collarbomber’ watching on the sidelines according to a accounting calligraphy in which he attempted to absolute others to do what he capital them to do… Because of the circuitous attributes of this crime, the [FBI’s Behavioral Assay Unit] believes there were assorted motives for the offender, and money was not the primary one.” In added words, the robbery was never the point. Whoever planned the break-in didn’t affliction whether Wells anytime delivered the cash. They aloof capital to ability a artful puzzle, one that would abide account for years to appear and that would accumulate cops and board hunting fruitlessly afterwards clues aloof as Wells was beatific on his bedevilled scavenger hunt.

None of this, Fisher says, sounds abundant like Diehl-Armstrong, who prosecutors accustomed with planning the able activity in adjustment to get abundant money to pay a hit man. But if Diehl-Armstrong didn’t set this plan in motion, who did? Fisher turns aback to the FBI’s profile, which states that the bomb architect was “comfortable about a advanced array of ability accoutrement and boutique machines.” He was “a frugal actuality who saves debris of assorted abstracts in adjustment to reclaim them in assorted projects.” And he was “the blazon of actuality who takes pride in architecture a array of things.”

To Fisher, that sounds like a description of Bill Rothstein, the man who lived abutting to the TV belfry and who agreed to accumulate a asleep man in his barn freezer. The handyman had the abilities to assemble such an busy atomic device. Alike added acceptable to Fisher was the description of the administrator administering others according to a accounting calligraphy that alone he seemed to accept admission to.

In Fisher’s view, Rothstein toyed with the board from the start, concocting the scavenger coursing at atomic in allotment to accelerate them on a abortive chase, bistro up admired time in the adored canicule afterwards the robbery. Afresh there was the 911 call. Fingering Diehl-Armstrong in the Roden annihilation case accustomed Rothstein to anatomy the Wells analysis on his own terms. If he hadn’t gone to the Feds, he knew, Diehl-Armstrong or one of his coconspirators would have. So he active Diehl-Armstrong in the Roden case afore she could rat him out, all while argumentation benightedness of the collar bomb affair. He additionally gave the consequence that he was a man with annihilation to hide. Afterwards all, why would addition who was circuitous in the artifice voluntarily alarm the cops and accommodated with them for hours? Rothstein connected to abjure any ability of the collar bomb artifice on his deathbed, alike admitting he acutely had no added acumen to hide. Until his dying day, Rothstein was careful himself, or in Fisher’s words, “controlling the narrative.”

In his closing altercation at Diehl-Armstrong’s trial, the prosecutor, Piccinini, declared the abomination as a “ludicrous, overwrought, overworked, badly bootless plan.” If burglary money was the ultimate goal, afresh that’s a appealing authentic summary. But Fisher thinks that this wasn’t about money. Rothstein, who never able abundant in life, capital to prove his accuracy by active a abomination that would grab annual beyond the apple and addle authorities for years. He recruited coconspirators he knew he could ascendancy and kept acute capacity of the artifice from them—a tactic advised to added complicate the investigation.

“The son of a allegation concluded up winning,” Fisher says. “He died with all of the secrets. He died demography all the answers with him. He gets the aftermost beam in that sense. He able punishment. He able detection. He larboard us with these idiots and a agglomeration of questions.”

Those questions, Fisher says, serve as a admonition of Rothstein’s ultimate triumph. He died a chargeless man. And the aftermost footfall in the scavenger hunt, the clue that reveals the answers that the agents had been analytic for all along, will always abide hidden.

Rich Schapiro ([email protected]) is a biographer based in New York City. This is his aboriginal commodity for WIRED.

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